Stealing in the daylight! Is Udaipur really safe?

is udaipur safe

Two days back, I just came out of my office and decided to go for clicking pictures in the old city. So, after spending an hour clicking, my friends and I thought of hanging out at Gangaur Ghat. And yeah why not, most of the cafés in the town are nearby Gangaur Ghat and it is picturesque too. A lot of tourists and local people can be seen at this location. Especially in the evenings, this place becomes the hub of the activity.

Just like any other day we parked our vehicles near the small temple which is near the ghat (there is a parking space in fact!). After half an hour only, we decided to move forward to our respective homes. It was 8:30 PM.

I rode back home and parked my vehicle inside the house. Just after a fraction of seconds, I realized that the lock of the storage trunk of my vehicle was broken and someone had stolen my DSLR camera which I kept inside. WHOA!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Yes, this did happen and I was totally in shock.

This is a serious and real incident that I experienced. Somebody in the middle of a busy street broke open the trunk of my scooty and stole my belonging. I checked every possible CCTV camera in that area and asked people who were there. But no clue!

Not just that I lost a DSLR, I also lost faith in the fact that my belongings are safe in the city.

This is where I LOST my camera!!

The reason why I am sharing my experience:

Udaipur is flooded with tourists from all over the globe. People travel miles and fly overseas to reach this city. If such kind of theft can happen with a local person, that too in a busy street then let’s not even assume what can happen with a tourist at any odd timing.

I always felt proud and praised my city for being peaceful and away from the nasty activities until that day.

Hope people understand that stealing is a crime and if they get caught they might end up in jail too.

Sad, but I am bound to question- is Udaipur really safe!?!




It was a brown leather sling bag with a Nikon camera and a charger 🙁

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  • Niraj Bariya
    April 27, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Ohh, It’s really sad ! You pointed very serious issue regarding Udaipur. I have visited Udaipur 5 times now and i finds it very safe. Udaipur is tourists hub of Rajasthan and thousands of tourists visits this destination so, Udaipur police or administration needs to track this kind of crime quickly to build trust amongst tourists.

    • Fouzia Mirza
      April 27, 2018 at 11:41 am

      Absolutely! they should. while I think people should also think about it too. stealing is not a funny thing!

      • Niraj Bariya
        April 27, 2018 at 12:23 pm

        Yes, i can understand ! In 2015 I visited Mumbai for some work and travelling in Local train and some one stolen my mobile. I have registered a complaint straight away but no result. Stealing is really not a funny thing because we bought it with our hardcore earnings !

  • Rahul Dhakad
    April 28, 2018 at 10:31 am

    It’s a tourist hub but it’s not safe .
    I’ve seen some activities which made me feel like I’m living in a very backward underdeveloped area.
    I’ve seen some boys chasing girls on roads, I’ve seen a girl was picked up forcefully in to the car in front of my house. A friend was looted by cops on Ahmedabad highway near GMCH. It was horrible. Since then I hate this city and I’m not at all proud of this city.
    No traffic management,
    No cops alertness. Drunk cops on patrol at night. It’s just a backward village with some lake beauty.


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