Supporters is not a website of few people, its the website of Udaipur. There have been constant support of many people to our Website in some or the other way. So here we mention the names of all the People and Organizations who support us. 🙂


  • Lokesh Motwani (Writing Contribution)
  • Akash Vedi (Technical Consultation)
  • Ronak Chauhan (Project Guidance)
  • Prasun Bannerjee (Writing Contribution)
  • Monika Jain (Local Support/Guidance)
  • Kalpit Rajak (Writing Support)
  • Raza Rahil Hussain (Technical Consultant)
  • Palak Jain (Writing Contribution)
  • Drishti Soni (Writing Contribution)
  • Ipra Jain (Writing Contribution)
  • Shuchi Mehta (Writing Contribution)
  • Chani Soni (Writing Contribution)
  • Mujtaba R.G. (Photography Contribution)
  • Arya Manu (Hindi Writing Contribution)
  • The Crew (Event Management Company) : Sanjay Soni, Abhimanyu Soni, Siddharth Soni
  • Frozen Apple Events & Entertainment (Event Management Company) : Sahil Thakur
  • Claire Abrams (Social Worker)
  • Prithvi Jain (Writing Contribution)
  • Monisha Talreja (Writing Contribution)
  • Munmun Rajora (Writing Contribution)
  • Gaurav Mehta (Social Media Promotion)
  • Gaurav Bhattacharya (Photography Contribution)
  • Dimple Chundawat (UB Life Marketing & Instagram Manager)
  • Punit Jain (UB Life Marketing, Writing Contribution)
  • Gaurav Choudhary (UB Life Marketing)
  • Siddharth Nagar (UB Life Marketing, Photography)
  • Aman Bhandari (Photography)
  • Rajvardhan Singh Bhati (UB Life Marketing)
  • Tapish Jain (Technical Management)
  • Subastou Pandey (Prof: Creative Designer)
  • Pranshu Dubey ( : Aerial Photography)
  • Ajay Jain (UB Life Marketing)
  • Darshana Shrimali (Instagram Extension)
  • Mayank Ostwal (Writing Contribution)
  • Kashish Seth (Sketches & Designs)
  • Nukul Solanki (Designs)


Activity Partner: 

AIESEC Udaipur





Pardon us if we miss anyone’s name, we will keep updating our list, keep up your support, its because of your support that this site makes an impression in promoting the City of Lakes – Udaipur Online. 🙂