An Interview with IT Head @ HRH Group : Mr. Vijay Choudhary

Vijay Choudhary HRH

1. Can you put some light, how HRH Group proved its Excellency and succeeded in grabbing the award.

HRH Group of Hotels with its dedicated team of I.T. worked hard and develops solution in-house for various verticals of industry. The innovation is based on need of industry and a driving force towards creating better presence in respective markets to serve. With the vision of our Chairman Shiriji Arvind Singh ji Mewar , we always focused on understanding critical aspect of Businesses and its pain area then should fix it using technology solutions as a key drivers.

CIO Asia 100 is a very big platform where more than 15 countries compete to be listed in 100’s index. We submitted our case study of integrated solution of eCRM (Customer Relationship Management), CRS (Central Reservation System) and Revenue Information System. It found innovative and having sense of strategic value to the jury especially in hospitality industry cope up with Global standard work flow practices.


2. Sir, what was your first reaction after hearing about the award?

When I got email from the editor announcing the news and inviting us for the award ceremony I was excited … ‘Yes it’s done what is next now!!’.


3. How companies and institutions of Udaipur got the nomination for this award. How many other companies also nominated from Udaipur?

I don’t have information of other Organizations nominated from Udaipur however in winner list there were 5 more winners from India including big brands like L&T Infotech, ICICI Securities, HDFC Bank.


4. What would be the after effect of grabbing this award to Udaipur IT Sector?

Udaipur becoming the hub of education producing talented people in profession like engineering, management and medical. The award creates a space at Global platforms and breaks the myth that small cities (other than metros) cannot do something noticeable and unique at Global platforms. It would be a big motivation and encouragement to I.T. professionals in and around Udaipur.


5. One main big reason which put the award in HRH’s lap.

Focused industry specific approach where the Business and leadership ‘think less I.T. think more Business’ with a zeal for IT and business alignment. We believe in 1+1 = 11 the synergy among the team members.


6. What are your further plans after receiving this recognition?

We have a plan to diversify our foray into software services to outside world specially to serve Hospitality, Leisure, Travel, Tourism & education industries for their different need of process automation and achieving greater agility to the businesses. The various domains may cover HMS (Hotel Management System), eCRS (Central Reservations system), eCRM & SalesForce automation, HRIS (Human Resources Information Sys), MMS (Material Management System)  & SMS (School Management System). Industry really needs high quality and domain specific agile solutions which should support business and align technology with business objective as the Global economy opens up doors for many more market to serve.

cio 100 Vijay Choudhary HRH

7. Could you elaborate some threats and challenges for successfully establishing and running the IT department of HRH?

Challenges are there as far as visibility to global markets are concerned towards competing for the opportunities available. Moreover the challenges are lack of Infrastructure facilities to the cities like ours, penetrations/access to new technology, training and retaining quality man power.

8. Any message for the youth of Udaipur for becoming a successful IT Professional.

Think out of the box. Your first innovation should encourage you for next it’s a continue process don’t stop yourself anywhere. Udaipur being a small city as compare to metro you have more time to devote for quality work since less time required for commuting. Take advantage of good environment which is less polluted, make likeminded groups, participate in bigger forums at least once in a year, speak, write and let world listen to you. Consider that you can and have approach to Global platforms. Dream for it, strive for it and make it happen.

Best wishes !!

Jai Mewar !!

An Interview with new SP of Udaipur – Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma

Superintendent Police of Udaipur - Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma

Standing outside the SP’s chamber, I was hell nervous regarding my first interview and that too of none other than but Mr. Hari Prasad Sharma, who recently joined as Superintendent Police of Udaipur a few weeks back. But the way he so easily accepted his short hand in the technical field including blogging, social networking and all, it reflected how down to earth he is. The clarity and the confidence with which he answered my questions, was worth a ‘salute’.


Here is the conversation with him.

Q1. A very warm welcome to the Udaipur City Sir!! How do you find this city and how are you feeling after coming here?

A. Thank you. Udaipur is a calm and serene city. It’s a pleasure to serve the people of this city.


Q2. Everyone in the City wants to know about your education and service background.

A. I did my B.Sc. in Mathematics in 1979 and then M.A. in Economics. I worked in Reserve Bank of India for one year. Then I joined Administrative Services and served as RPS and DYSP till 1993. Then I became IPS in 2001 and worked with United Nations for 1 year. After that I became SP Jhunjhunu, SP Ajmer, SP Jodhpur, and SP Nagaur and then got posted in Udaipur.


Q3. After joining as SP of Udaipur, what are your priorities or the areas of focus?

A. Firstly, we’ll try to speed up the investigations and provide the population with a better and unbiased system of justice and administration. Secondly, we’ll make sure that there is a reduction in the number of crimes in the city.


Q4. “Tourism is the spine of Udaipur”. What will you do to provide a secure environment to tourists?

A. Basically, State Tourist Board deals with the matters relating to tourism. But in a working system, it becomes a job of local police. I’ll try to help tourists in every possible way and see to their security.


Q5. From past few months, there has been an increase in the number of crimes ranging from Chain Snatching to land-mafia and alcohol smuggling. People got no satisfactory results from the interventions taken by police against these crimes and criminals. What will be your strategy to deal with them?

A. It’s always the easiest job to sit in the couches and blame the system for not functioning effectively. But people need to stand over the ground of facts and then speak. According to India Today analysis, Rajasthan holds the fourth position in the list of peaceful states, only after Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala. In the last 15 days, I have myself gone through the records of the city and found that there has been a minimal increase in the crime rate. Still I and my department will work to control the crime. See the situation today and see it after 2 months, compare them, and then you will no longer ask this question.


Q6. Sir, maybe the communication gap between the general masses and the police is the reason that people are unaware of the measures and the steps taken by your department and that’s why they are not satisfied with the working system.

A. Obviously this gap will be visible when you have only 2619 constables and a few inspectors and officers for a population of approx 32 Lakhs.


Q7. Udaipur is no longer a peaceful city as it used to be, reason being the growing traffic. How are you going to manage this terrific traffic?

A. Traffic management can never be successful unless the drivers themselves follow the traffic rules. If you wish to have a swift traffic as in European countries, then you need to drive like Europeans. They don’t even break the red light at midnight with not even a single vehicle around and we can break red light even with hundreds of vehicles around.


Q8. Female feticide is a serious matter of concern even for Udaipur. How will you work to stop it?

A. Female feticide is a social problem. Neither Police nor any law can save female fetus from being killed in the womb itself. People need to be educated; awareness must be spread. This is the only single way of combating this problem.


Q9. Most of the time, undue political pressure and interference of politicians hinders the effective functioning of police department. Your comments on this matter?

A. Politicians in Rajasthan are quite good and away from those political games. Moreover, it depends on the officer whether he wants to do the right thing or not. No one can hold your hand and make you sign on a wrong document.


Q10. What motivated you to join police services?

A. In a small area near Jaipur, Administrative services and police department are the most respectable professions. That’s why I joined Police Services.


Q11. Any message for the people of Udaipur?

A. People should have civic sense and must bind by the law. Moreover, they should have faith in the Department and I hope to have their support with me always. And I wish, all the very best to excel as an online media, effectually acting as a bridge between the administration and the people.


Article Contribution: Munmun Rajora, Drishti Soni   |   Photograph By: Mujtaba R.G.

A Psychology Talk with Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan

This week I got a chance to talk to the very popular personality among students, flourishingly intelligent and also the very caring Professor from our city- our most respected Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan- former Dean, Students Welfare Board, MLSU & the H.O.D. University Psychology Department.

Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan | UdaipurBlog
Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi Chouhan

As people practically know very little about the subject, the most qualified & experienced person from the field of Psychology in our city- an epitome of exemplary excellence in herself, was interviewed, to provide the readers with a better view towards the subject. We really thank her for sparing her time to have a discussion with Kalpit. This is how the conversation went-

Q. Psychology- many conceptions and misconceptions!!! In your words, what is it?

A. Psychology is the subject of natures & behaviors. It is more or less the spine of our behaviour! As the spinal cord balances our brain, keeps it in place; similarly it’s the psychology of a person that keeps its life on a balance. Psychology in itself holds a high place of importance in daily life as it is what makes a person capable of analyzing himself, his society and surroundings; mould an understanding & further have his personal development.
We behold many problems in our life and thoughtfully the root of all problems lies in our psyche! To solve them properly, a psychological understanding is needed.

Q. People rarely know the difference between Psychology & Psychiatry. While those who know; generally believe “Psychiatry” to be a higher level of knowledge; my question is that, are the people specializing through basic degrees in science & arts; as “Psychologists” really inferior to them?

A. A student with the qualification M.B.B.S. + P.G. in Psychiatry is a Psychiatrist while those with M.A. or M.Sc. in Psychology are called Psychologists.
It’s the people’s mentality that has decided it higher. In actual, Psychiatry is just a part of Psychology. On the other hand, Psychology is a wide subject, covering all the aspects.
Psychiatry is the treatment of abnormals with the use of medicines. The flow of our blood, the rate at which we breathe, and many such things depend on our thoughts! To understand & analyze the problem in a wider perspective, we always go with Psychology.

Q. Though a very interesting subject; people have a say that it has low returns in the form of income! What is your verdict on it?

A. It’s merely a misconception aroused out of lack of knowledge & fallacies. Firstly, we can’t limit Psychology to any boundary; it finds its application everywhere. Practically, every 5th person needs a Psychologist; it’s just that being in a poverty-stricken nation, people can’t afford it!
And although, most of the Psychologists are dedicated to their work without any greed, still if you’ve asked- The income in this profession counts in Lakhs. A proper treatment starts with a least fee of Rs. 500 & may reach even 5 lakhs, depending upon the need!

Q. If asked about career specialization, which branch of Psychology you would suggest!

A. No part of a body is more or less. Eyes are as important as ears, so is our tongue! We can never decide which one is the premium! All fields are good at their place; solely depends on the student’s aptitude & choice, which branch he/she is best suited for! If a person wants and finds himself apt to treat abnormal behaviours; he may take Clinical Psychology or Psychiatry; and if he is more comfortable with industries & management life, he may move to Industrial Psychology; and so with the other branches.

Q. Will you name some good colleges for higher studies in psychology?

A. Studying it metros like Delhi & Mumbai will help a lot due to the competition as well as availability of investments.

Q. You’re a Professor since a long time, what do you feel are the standards of Govt. Colleges & the facilities provided in the Psychology Laboratories?

A. It feels disappointing, that in Rajasthan, the subject is not taken properly. We still see here that people believe & say- “Psychology is a subject meant only to be studied by insanes!” In fact, it is the subject which is followed by the most thoughtful & the reasoned ones. A Psychologist needs many elements for his proper furnishing. Tolerance, Will Power & Dedication are in oneself, they don’t need someone’s finances for these; but to check some behaviours and the levels they have reached; specific machinery & equipments are required to get accurate results.
And these facilities aren’t provided. Hence the condition is not so good.

Q. Living in the Indian Society, we see many deaths & diseases occurring due to paranormal reasons; how do you visualize it? (Parapsychology- the branch that deals with the study of spirits)

A. Indian culture is very vast, has a lot of literature describing it! Many highly effective psychological treatments are given in the Vedas; we too use them. Scientifically, it’s the person’s mentality/psychology that goes misguided; this is what is treated then.

Q. Does Telepathy really exist?

A. As a Behavioural Scientist, I’ll say; it depends on what you individually feel. Give a thought, If I’m thinking about someone or something and that happens to be by chance; then it’s totally my personal feeling and belief that telepathy is occurring with me.

Q. India as a nation holds a lot of diversity. What do you think may bring together all in a flow?

A. It’s a positive thing that our society has a lot of variety. I see it as a better part. It’s also the reason why we have comparatively less mental & depression patients than the western countries. There they have a similar lifestyle, which with time brings monotony and thus professional treatment needs! While our cultural combination- colored with festivals, fairs and relations; brings a feeling of happiness & change from time to time, relaxes us to the best.

Q. In the end Ma’m, any message to the students through UdaipurBlog?

A. Yes definitely.
Disregarding as students, you are in which field; I advise you all to study Psychology. Even if you don’t take it as a career; it is a great help in administering yourself, to analyze and understand life in a better way.
It shall definitely leave you with a better perspective towards life.

We Don’t Really Need a Political Identification! – Shri Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

As was the occasion of our M.L.A. Shri Gulab Chand Kataria’s birthday; Kalpit Rajak, Mujtaba RG & Yash Sharma from Team UdaipurBlog were present at the Seva Bharti Hospital for being a part of the celebration. The day was spent in a very serene and noble manner with a blood donation programme and some little happy chit-chats with the people present and party-workers. Our Special thanks to Mr. Manoj Joshi Ji for Coordinating this meet 🙂 –

UdaipurBlog: Sixty Eight years; indeed a very long journey, a broad political life.. In your words, how do you visualize it…

Gulab Ji: It has really been a long journey. Met many people during this time; who not only taught me the morals and values but also helped come up in the political arena. I have been a part of the Sangh since the starting and I feel lucky to have instilled in me the principles of sacrifice and commitment. Working for public welfare without any selfish motives is the only thing I’ve given priority to throughout my life. And that’s what I expect from the upcoming politicians. I am always overwhelmed with the love, people have given me; since 1977 when I was elected as the MLA till the present day… Nothing has really changed- neither me nor their love.

UdaipurBlog: The major population of our country is formed by the youth, and although many of them are interested in politics- nobody knows where and how to enter it…

Gulab Ji: Being a MLA or MP is not just the deal. Politics is..! Working for the welfare of people, they don’t always need a political identity to do that! Many people are doing it by their own means, in their own ways; and are recognized even more than political personalities. So it’s just a thinking that a political identification is needed to work for the people! It can be done anyhow.

UdaipurBlog: There have been many ups-n-downs on the name of BJP’s contender for the PM post for the next Lok Sabha elections. Who is your choice?

Gulab Ji: These are not healthy perceptions… We don’t need a name or face to gather support. If votes are casted; all are for the party. Even a prior declaration won’t do much at present. Yeah if there were persons like Atal Bihari Vajpayee JI yet with us then it could have mattered; for such name really had a strong public appraisal and sentimental attraction. Rest, it’s just that the one who will be the most suited and worthy for handling the post; will be the appropriate face- after the elections!

UdaipurBlog: What do you say about the role of money & muscle power in our elections? Don’t you think the identity of common man is being entombed in all this!

Gulab Ji: I have worked on the principles Sangh had taught me- Tyag avum Samarpan, i.e. Sacrifice & Commitment. I have believed in working selflessly for the people but; what is happening these days is, many politicians are satirically more interested in Personal Welfare than Public Welfare! Not all of them are like such, there are noble men too; but still it is a truth.

UdaipuBlog: You have been the former Home Minister of the State; the problem we clearly see these days is the weakness of our Police Structure! What do you say about it?

Gulab Ji: Our Police System actually is not weak! It’s really very sad to see the cases of attacks and murders of cops. But you should know this that the force remains the same; just that every 5 years- the Minister changes! He is the sole commander; whatever he’ll guide them to do, it’ll be the outcome! The Minister above is definitely very influential in running the department; depends on him, how he uses the power!

UdaipurBlog: Another problem is of Corruption. The Indian democracy has seen historic happenings this year; movements, especially that of Anna Hazare has led a great impact on people. In fact, a negative wave has impulsed amongst the masses against political leaders. What do you say about it?

Gulab Ji: The movement of Anna Hazare has thoroughly shown us that the Indian public is still united. They still have great respect for the noble human values. Anna is wealthy of the same characters and this is the reason why he has become so popular in a very short time. It’s really a plight that politicians and social workers after working for a long time in public welfare don’t get that much recognition.
That’ll be all.

UdaipurBlog: Lastly Sir, any message for the people of Udaipur through UdaipurBlog?

Gulab Ji: I really thank the public of Udaipur for their support and love. And I wish that their blessings always remain with me.
Also, we all appreciate the team of UdaipurBlog for their work for our City Of Lakes. 🙂

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

Gulab Chand Kataria

University Politics: The President Speaks

Paramveer Singh Chundawat

Student politics is back into play in our state. And after a month of severely heated atmosphere in the game of this very powerful fundamental step of our national politics, Paramveer Singh Chundawat of Chatra Sangharsh Samiti emerged out to be the winner of the elections in the second largest University of Rajasthan – The Mohan Lal Sukhadia University covering more than 180 colleges in 7 districts of the state.

Kalpit Rajak from UdaipurBlog got a chance to talk to him for a cup of coffee and this is how the conversation went :-

Q. Everyone knows Paramveer Singh Chundawat as the President of MLSU, will you tell us some more details about you? Your family and educational background!

A. Well…  I had held the 7th merit in my B.Com from UCCMS, then completed my MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies, Udaipur. I’ve also worked as an Assistant Professor in Sabar College, Gandhinagar for a year. While right now, I’m pursuing my management Ph.D from the same university and yeah my schooling went from St. Paul’s.
Talking about family… My father, Mr. D.S. Chundawat is currently the Dean of the University College of Commerce & Management Studies (UCCMS), mother is a housewife; have an elder sister who is a Doctor and a younger brother half the way through his engineering.

Q. You have worked as an Assistant Professor, also are qualified well enough to work in management sector, then why did you chose entering politics and not any other field?

A. It’s just that I wanted to work for the welfare of students; and thankfully I’ve got the best post I required to do it.

Q. As the students’ highest representative now, what are you plans to accomplish this year?

A. Presently I’m trying to fulfill all the promises that I made in my election manifesto. My major emphasis is on campus placements and a membership in the Board of Management (BOM). A healthcare center will also be opened in the campus for providing medical facilities to the students. Moreover, the old exam pattern has also been revised, paving way for more advancement & simpler qualifying.

Q. And what about cases like peons checking exam papers…

A. Actions were taken in that incident..! Moreover now the pattern will also be totally changed, (smiles) 😀 no peon can check an OMR unless he’s an optical reader.

Q. After your tenure ends, what future are you seeing to frame yourself into?

A. I’ll stay in politics.

Q. And who is your role model?

A. Wholly and solely, Mr. Rahul Gandhi!

Q. What role do you justify of your family and the former president, Mr. Dilip Joshi in your reaching to this reputable post?

A. The teachings of my parents are worth everything I could have ever had, they taught me for the best! And Dilip Bhaiya… has been my mentor… my supreme guide, my utmost inspiration in politics…
[DIlip Joshi– the record victory maker (margin of more than 1500 votes) in the history of student elections was responsible for the self-attestation rule and in ceasing lessening of marks in rechecking]

Q. Who are your other team members in the Central Student Union?

A. Nobody has joined yet, everybody was busy..! They’ll be soon in their office.

Q. Do you want to give any guidelines to the young students who are keen to join politics?

A. There’s just one rule- “Work for student welfare.” Help them heartily & that will make your way.

Q. Recently there was the famous movement of Anna Hazare, which was supported by the youth in almost each & every part of the country. In future, if any such problem arises; will you lead the students of this University as a part of the rebel; irrespective of the party it is against!

A. I won’t say that I’m against any party but yeah I oppose corruption and will support every movement against it. We ourselves are big fans of Anna Hazare and if things went well, Udaipur will be lucky enough to see him on our land soon.

Q. These days, the issue of not following constitutional reservation in the recruitment of Professors in MLSU is also in high light! What do you say about it?

A.  That’s the reason; we are trying for membership in the BOM! By the law, student representatives aren’t allowed to interfere in these matters. I; at my post can’t do anything right now but hopefully to my knowledge, proper rules…! will be followed in the recruitments.

Q. Any message you want to give to the students through

A. I’m extremely thankful to you all for selecting me for this post.  You are my power… You all are my ultimate fuel! Thanks a lot.

Wish you good luck, have a great day…  🙂