Rainography 2012 – Monsoon finally arrives in Udaipur

It started with light rain showers when the clock ticked 1 a.m. late night; this series of rain showers continued till late evening today. After such a long wait we can finally say that monsoon has arrived, fulfilling the aspirations of the broken hearts which had left the hopes of Rain. To capture this beauty of Rain, I went down in the City to start with my Monsoon Photography Collection for UdaipurBlog – RainoGraphy 2012. 🙂 Do like, share and comment… 😉















Rainography 2012 _ Udaipur




Just For Updates :-

It rained around : 25mm in Udaipur City, 175mm in Banswara, Dungarpur – 102mm, Jhadol – 9mm, Gogunda – 10mm, Sagwara – 188mm, Madar Bada – 6mm, Swaroopsagar – 19mm, Udaisagar – 16mm, Nai – 4mm, Kherwara – 40mm, Jaisamand – 69mm, Salumber – 62mm


Readers Clicks :

Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Sector 4 area, behind BSNL Office.


Photos by : Vikas Sharma


Parag Pancholi - Lake Palace

Photo by : Parag Pancholi


If you have captured any Photos of Rain and want to display them here on UdaipurBlog.com then Email them on info@udaipurblog.com

Winners list for the Monsoon Temptations-2011: Pix.iudaipur.com

This year, monsoon has been very kind to our Udaipur, and in past few days, unfortunately very unkind too. As all our regular readers would be well aware of, iudaipur came up with a month long unique online photography competition for all Udaipies at PiX, from 18th July to 18th August 2011.

The entire Team UdaipurBlog had to go under days of great confusion, stress of choosing the Winners as each entry was superb in itself, We had more than 470+ Approved Entries on Site in the very ‘first online competition’ and so today we give away the declarations of the final results.

Given below are the links for the winners. Keep scrolling for the final winners of the contests.

For the winners of week 1:

Day 1: http://pix.iudaipur.com/thirsty-road-finally-get-water.html

Day 2: http://pix.iudaipur.com/foggy-green-land.html

Day 3: http://pix.iudaipur.com/prepration-of-monsoon.html

Day 4: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjan-garh-3.html

Day 5: http://pix.iudaipur.com/rim-zim.html

Day 6: http://pix.iudaipur.com/monsoon-kilkari.html

Day 7: http://pix.iudaipur.com/fateh-sagar-every-drop-precious.html

For the winners of week 2:

Day 8: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sandol-mata-ji-and-painting-on-water.html

Day 9: http://pix.iudaipur.com/tirdi-road-udaipur.html

Day 10: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-brige.html

Day 11: http://pix.iudaipur.com/som-kagdar-dam-pleasure.html

Day 12: http://pix.iudaipur.com/its-raining.html

Day 13: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-udaipur-from-sajjangarh-with-clouds.html

Day 14: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ab-to-baras-ja-nagda-lake-eklinghji-inviting-monsoon.html

For the winners of week 3:

Day 15: http://pix.iudaipur.com/monsoonic-eve.html

Day 16: http://pix.iudaipur.com/nature-2.html

Day 17: http://pix.iudaipur.com/a-snap-through-d-leaves.html

Day 18: http://pix.iudaipur.com/breathtaking-scenery.html

Day 19: http://pix.iudaipur.com/kichad.html

Day 20: http://pix.iudaipur.com/green-higway.html

Day 21: http://pix.iudaipur.com/baarish.html

For the winners of week 4:

Day 22: http://pix.iudaipur.com/udaipur-city-of-lakes-2.html

Day 23: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ekling-ji.html

Day 24: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sign-board.html

Day 25: http://pix.iudaipur.com/thirsty-cats.html

Day 26: http://pix.iudaipur.com/towards-sisarma-village-2.html

Day 27: http://pix.iudaipur.com/oneday-it-vll-b-ur-tym.html

Day 28: http://pix.iudaipur.com/a-photo-captured-from-middle-of-jaisamand-lake.html

Day 29: http://pix.iudaipur.com/udaipur-from-my-house.html

Day 30: http://pix.iudaipur.com/cloudes-on-lake.html

Day 31: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjangarh-4.html

Pick of the Week: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjangarh-2.html



The viewer’s choice award goes to:

Photographer name: Yuvraj Singh

Photo name: Zawar Mines Heaven

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/zawar-mines-heaven.html

Reason it became the viewer’s choice :  139 shares, 3 tweets, 7 Google +1’s


The 2nd Runner-up award goes to:

Photographer name: Harneet Singh

Photo name: Towards Sisarma Village

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/towards-sisarma-village-2.html


The 1st Runner-up award goes to:

Photographer name: Saurabh Jain

Photo name: Sajjangarh

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjangarh-2.html

And finally the much awaited prize:


The winner of the monsoon temptations 2011, i.e. 1st prize award goes to:

Photographer name: Lalit Sharma

Photo name: Ekling Ji

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ekling-ji.html

The competition was just a jumpstart to introduce you to the new and innovative platform. The shutterbugs’ new hub PiX will be open for all, for all the themes, and not only restricted to monsoon. The topic may range from showing an art, skill, a good click, a discovery, to even social issues, realities and problems faced by anyone in our society, in our Udaipur, or any other part. We all have received great love and support from all the Udaipies, for which we are heartily thankful, and expect your regular presence on this platform, created for all of you 🙂

Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 4 – iUdaipur.com

The submission phase of the first of its kind online photography competition of Udaipur has finally ended, but not the competition. Now you can comment, like, share, tweet, and +1 your clicks displayed on Pix.iudaipur.com to vote for them. The most popular photograph would be selected as the best photograph (viewers’ choice) for the entire competition of Monsoon Temptations. Voting open till 31st August only.

Here below we declare the best pictures of the last week, i-e week 4

9 Aug Title: Udaipur city of lakes

Captured By: Siddhant Lodha

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/udaipur-city-of-lakes-2.html


10 Aug:

Title: Ekling Ji

Captured By: Lalit Sharma

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ekling-ji.html


11 Aug:

Title: Sign Board

Captured By: Shreyas Jain

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sign-board.html


12 Aug:

Title: Thirsty Cats

Captured By: Charu Jain

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/thirsty-cats.html


13 Aug:

Title: Towards sisarma village

Captured By: Harneet Singh

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/towards-sisarma-village-2.html


14 Aug:

Title: Oneday it vll b ur tym

Captured By: Prithvi Raj Singh

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/oneday-it-vll-b-ur-tym.html


15 Aug:

Title: A photo captured from middle of Jaisamand Lake

Captured By: Ankit Matta

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/a-photo-captured-from-middle-of-jaisamand-lake.html


16 Aug:

Title: Udaipur from my house

Captured By: Ashish Porwad

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/udaipur-from-my-house.html


17 Aug:

Title: Cloudes on lake

Captured By: Ashish

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/cloudes-on-lake.html


18 Aug:

Title: Sajjangarh

Captured By: Prateek Goyal

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjangarh-4.html


Pick of the Week:

Title: Sajjangarh

Captured By: Saurabh Jain

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sajjangarh-2.html

All the entries were really amazing but our team chose these pictures :) and we hope you all like the pictures ;)

Prizes will be announced to the winners later.

Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 3 – iUdaipur.com

Monsoon Photography competition is progressing to End. If you have clicked such awesome pictures of Monsoon than submit it on: Pix.iUdaipur.com.

Here are the Best Pictures of Week 3 – Monsoon Temptations on PiX 🙂 . Watch out 😀


Day 15: Monsoonic Eve

By: Shubham Chauhan

Monsoonic Eve

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/monsoonic-eve.html

Day 16: Nature

By: Gaurav Kumawat


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/nature-2.html

Day 17: A snap through d leaves

By: Shreyas Jain


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/a-snap-through-d-leaves.html

Day 18: Breathtaking scenery

By: Kritika


Link : http://pix.iudaipur.com/breathtaking-scenery.html

Day 19: Kichad

By: Subastou Pandey

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/kichad.html

Day 20: Green Highway

By : Deepak Parmar


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/green-higway.html

Day 21: Baarish

By: Jatesh Sisodia


Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/baarish.html

– Winner of the Week 3 –

‘FatehSagar’ by Vidhya Acharya

fateh sagar

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/fateh-sagar-6.html

Monsoon Temptations: Best Pictures of Week 2 – iUdaipur.com

Someone has rightly said “Pictures speak Louder than Words”. So I have no words for these amazing monsoon photography entries. Just check them out and comment about the one you like the most. 🙂

:Here are the Pictures of Week 2 Winners:

Day 8: Painting on water

By: Sandeep upadhyay

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/sandol-mata-ji-and-painting-on-water.html


Day 9: Tirdi road udaipur

By: Devesh Paliwal

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/tirdi-road-udaipur.html


Day 10: View of bridge

By: Hitesh Jethi

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-brige.html


Day 11: Som kagdar dam PLEASURE

By: Kul Singh

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/som-kagdar-dam-pleasure.html


Day 12: Its raining

By: Apeksha Chaplot

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/its-raining.html

Day 13: View of Udaipur from sajjangarh with clouds

By: Sourabh Tejawat

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/view-of-udaipur-from-sajjangarh-with-clouds.html

Day 14: Inviting Monsoon

By: Vishva Jeet Paneri

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/ab-to-baras-ja-nagda-lake-eklinghji-inviting-monsoon.html


—The Photo Of The Week—

 Monsoon Bird: Painted By Nature

By: Kul Singh 🙂

Link: http://pix.iudaipur.com/painted-by-nature.html

All the entries were amazing but our team chose these pictures 🙂 and we hope you all like the pictures 😉

Your Prizes will be announced at the end of the competition.

If you have any queries Call us on: +91-9929067498 (Sanjit)

[Picnic Destination] Enjoy the Monsoon at Nandeshwar Ji

Already a great weather outside, isn’t it? So do you want to have fun, go for a picnic with family or hangout with friends? Are you confused which place to go and what can be the journey distance? Confused about the path? Let us suggest you few good locations for the same, and solve your queries. In the same series, we first bring to you a cool, peaceful location in the nature’s lap, the people who know it guessed right, I am talking about Nandeshwar Ji.

Nandeshwar is about 15kms from Udaipur. It is Lord Shiva’s temple situated in the vicinity, because of which, the place is more commonly known as Nandeshwar ji (most famous name for Udaipies.) The place has a beautiful pond and is full of amazing flora and fauna. You can spend your time there by taking a look of awesome beauty of nature, and also enjoy in flowing water (but with ensured safety measures). In short it’s the best destination for you, if you are searching a perfect place for Picnic in the season of monsoon. The temple can be a nice centre of peace for the religious people, and there’s a wishing well too. It is believed that if the coin you throw in it touches the large stone in it, your wish will be fulfilled.

How to Reach: After Crossing Ambamata circle there is a straight road to Rampura circle (commonly known as the Rampura choraha ), then follow a straight path. After crossing a remote area you will find out your destination. The guidelines on the road will help you more.

The route to Nandeshwar ji from Rampura circle is decked with greenery, single lane road and some lovely farm houses. What a visual treat! That being said, the route was full of overloaded buses and jeeps, which could give you shivers.

A humble request from UdaipurBlog: do ensure your safety, and follow the boards and warnings at the picnic spots.

Photographs and Coverage by Yash Sharma

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog
The Wishing Well

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlogNandeshwar | UdaipurBlogNandeshwar | UdaipurBlog

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog
The Nandeshwar Channel

Nandeshwar | UdaipurBlog

Video Of NandeshwarJi:

Hariyali Amavasya – Welcoming Greenery and Monsoon

haryali amavasya udaipur

Haryali Amavasya – A perfect green day for recreation and enjoyment in Udaipur. The
 beautiful festival is round the corner, waiting for a splendid welcome 
by us on 30th of this very rainy month. As the name suggest, it is 
celebrated on first amavasya of ‘saawan’ to celebrate the lush greenery
 of Udaipur.

 Haryali amavasya is a day of extreme importance for us as it traces its
 path from the past. The kings of Udaipur considered it as an
 auspicious day and used to put on a fair for the common people of and around Udaipur. The fair gathers all the people together acting as a means of national
 integration. Being a traditional fair, the tradition is followed unbroken till date.

There is a huge festive fair that begins from Saheliyon ki Bari and spreads its 
glories till Fatehsagar. The various places midway are open for the people for free like Moti Magri, Saheliyon ki Bari. The loud noise and screams of the vendors fill this
 fair with extreme energy.
Guess what adds taste to this vibrating festival??  
Yes!! The very famous “Rabri Malpua”  😀 of Udaipur. Adding to the life and color of this festive fair are ‘poopadia’, ‘paani ke gubbare’, colorful caps, chat-pakoda stalls, and various high rides and swings. Traditional songs, dance, food and costume escalate the verve of hariyali amavasya celebrations.

The fair is continued to next day but is restricted only till female 
folks. The vibrant colors of the costumes and ethnic jewellery
 catch the attention of all the beautiful ladies. A special care is 
taken, that the joyous moments of these beauties are not stolen by the
 men. All the females of the city can walk around, dine with friend
and shop for themselves without any obstructions.

 This day is usually declared as an off for all the government offices and schools by the Collector of Udaipur City. In the plight of this, the various schools celebrate it a day before with
 colorful and energetic programs. The social clubs running in Udaipur 
celebrate this amavasya with enthusiasm and excitement through
 execution of various cultural programs including tree plantation and
 enjoying the feast together. Many delicious food items are cooked at homes also and families are seen enjoying Garma Garam Pakodas and boiling hot tea with roasted Corn at Fatehsagar.

The festival just adds to the unforgettable memories. The light scatters from the rain drops and spreads the feeling of brotherhood, humanity and love for the tradition.

 But let’s not forget our duty and love for our very own city. This charming city belongs to us and being fellow citizens it is our responsibility to encourage cleanliness and spread the word of hygiene all over. It is seen very often that a traditional event is well 
followed by the usual sight of littering roads, thrown wrappers and
 peels of fruits which leads to various kinds of fatal diseases like
 malaria and cholera. The beautiful lakeside is seen carrying rubbish
 on the surface of water which masks its sparkling blue color. It’s a humble 
request to all the Udaipies to keep the city clean, green and beautiful. Contribute in the best possible way to take care of cleanliness of this heaven on earth.

 Let’s unite, rejuvenate and enjoy this festive season to the fullest!! 🙂

Article By : Himani Sethiya Contributed by: Chani Soni and Edited By: Palak Jain

:: Here are a Few Pictures of Last Year’s Celebration by Yash Sharma ::

haryali amavasya udaipur

haryali amavasya

haryali amavasya

Monsoon Aayo re!!

Rain Udaipur

Happy Monsoon Udaipies !! Light and Steady rains for the past 15 hours has eased the Summer heat, the rain started at about 12 last night and from then on its been truly majestic. Chocked roads and batti gul could not stop us from enjoying the fine weather, rain started with Hiran Magri and Savina and then till the time it reached the other end of the city the whole of Udaipur was dripping.

This is the Third Rain and a Beginning to Monsoon. The weather forecast department had suggested that early monsoon would arrive in south Rajasthan by today and that Heavy Rains are expected in the next 48 hours.

With enthusiasm and utter excitement we hope that this time the monsoon comes in handy and leaves behind a brimming Fateh Sagar. So guys enjoy the rain with pakodas and jalebis and have a blast this monsoon  ..!!

Here Are a few Pictures of Rain and Udaipur 🙂 Enjoy ..

Monsoon Udaipur
Picture By Yash Sharma
Monsoon Udaipur
Photo By Pramod Soni(Rajasthan Patrika)

Photos By Mujtaba 🙂

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur

Monsoon Udaipur
Photo By Prasun bannerjee(PB)

— A Post By Chitransh Joshi 🙂 —

Bageri Ka Naka

Bageri Ka Naka, Nowdays Most Liked Place for Udaipies and People Nearby in The Monsoon.

Bageri Ka Naka

It Has Now Turned to a Famous Picnic Spot for Sundays (Fundays). Situated in District Rajsamand initially built to fulfill the needs and thirsts of the local people of Rajsamand and nearby areas.

UdaipurBlog Paid a Visit to Bageri Ka Naka. It was Much Crowded their as it was a SUNDAY  And Here We Have a Wonderful Collection of Photos and Videos :

Video 1:

Second Video: