Bagheri ka Naka- A Perfect Place for Monsoon Getaway

It is rightly said that “ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…rather it’s more about learning to dance in the rain”. Usually, monsoons are considered dark and gloomy, which is absolutely a fallacy. And particularly if you are in Udaipur it cannot be monotonous, knowing that it is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

People in Udaipur are always ready to fasten their seatbelts to hop on to the nearby areas during monsoon instead of merely sitting inside homes and sipping tea with pakoras. Monsoons are extremely pleasurable and one cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg, so get ready to get wet. 

bageri k naka

One such ideal place to visit during monsoon is Bagheri ka Naka which is a picnic spot for locals. Bagheri ka Naka is a small dam, nearly 50 km away from Udaipur in the Rajsamand district which is named after the village Bagheri. 

The place is a feast to the photographers’ eye, having lush green Aravali hills offering a perfect backdrop for the frame. The place usually gets flooded with people during rains when the water from the dam overflows. Moreover, it falls on the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh lane which itself is a picturesque site where you can witness clouds kissing the mountains and thus a perfect place for a family getaway.

Do’s and Dont’s 

  • The place is in the interior of the village and you cannot find shops or good restaurants on the way or nearby area, hence it will be good to take food and some refreshment along.
  • The place is an excellent destination for photography enthusiasts, thus make sure that you do not forget to carry your camera or smartphones.
  • There is a pathway leading to the top of the dam, which offers a complete 360-degree view of the dam and the lake. It is suggested to wear comfortable trekking footwear so that you can easily climb the rocky track that leads to the dam.
  • Most people visit during monsoon to enjoy the overflow of water from the dam. Be cautious while you step in the water, since running water may cause a casualty.
  • Be very cautious while you step in the water, the base may be slippery which might cause you to fall. 
  • Special precautions must be taken if you are taking kids along, at the same time adults should be watchful during the time the dam overflows.Bageri ka Naka

Best Time to Visit

Monsoon is probably the best time to visit Bageri ka Naka because the dam overflows and that just doubles the beauty of this place. Locals usually prefer to visit during weekends but for a traveller, any day can be the best day.

How to reach

The place is nearly 50 km and a more than an hour ride from Udaipur since the roads are narrow and not very well developed. This place can also be reached from Nathadwara and is merely 31 km from there. Private cars or taxis are the best options, however, if you are a true adventurer you can travel through a bike as well.

Bageri ka Naka

location :,73.5929667,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x396804dcc890fc0d:0xd57331becd16cc3f!8m2!3d24.9111457!4d73.5951554

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Historical Places in Rajsamand District

Rajsamand is not an alien place for the citizens of Udaipur. The place is located at a distance of mere 62 km and is named after the famous Lake Rajsamand. The history of the place dates back to 17th century when Rana Raj Singh Mewar constructed an artificial Lake named as Rajsamand in 1622 AD which reflects a magnificent illustration of the then architecture and public works even today.

Rajsamand has even witnessed the first war of Indian Independence in 1857 under the auspice of Tantya Tope and British rule. Although Rajsamand houses numerous places to visit, there are some places that possess an interesting piece of history behind them.


Historical Places of Rajsamand District


Parallel walls unearthed in Gilund | Source: ResearchGate

Gilund is an archeological place which was excavated in the Ahar Banas complex. The other sites excavated along with Gilund were Ahar, Ojiyana, Marmi, and Balathal. There are three major Rivers in the area namely Kothari, Banas, and Berach. Gilund was occupied from approx. 3000-1700 BCE. All these years can be divided into three phases which are Late Ahar Banas 2000-1700 BCE, Middle Ahar Banas 2500-2000 BCE, and Early Ahar Banas 3000-2500 BCE. At the very sight, various housing structures were uncovered along with large buildings with long parallel walls, workshops, refuse heaps, and an exterior wall surrounding the site.


Kumbhalgarh Fort

Source: Travel triangle

The Fort was built by Rana Kumbha between AD 1443 and 1458. The fort is defended by a series of a wall which is the second largest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China. The site where Kumbhalgarh stands was a bastion, which belonged to the Jain descendant of Mauryan emperors of India during the second century AD. It is the same fort where Prince Udai Singh was smuggled to in 1535. This happened when Chittaur was under siege.



Source: Tripoto

The place has been of immense historic interest where a fierce battle was fought between Maharana Pratap and Mughal emperor Akbar in AD 1576. The battlefield comprises a narrow pass which runs south to northeast and ends in the plain where the main battle took place. The name of the valley derives from its yellow soil which resembles the color of turmeric or Haldi.


Chetak Samadhi

Source: Flickr

The place is the memorial of Chetak who was the loyal horse of Maharana Pratap. He took his last breath during the battle of Haldighati in AD 1576. In this battle, Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak was severely injured. But to save his master, he traveled a large distance and then crossed a nearby stream. The site was raised to commemorate his loyalty.


Nav Chowki

Source: scenicrajasthan

The northern portion of Rajsamand Lake’s embankment is called Nav Chowki. It consists of three intricately carved Chatris or pavilions which depict figures of gods and goddesses, figures of animals along with floral and geometrical designs. The famous Rajprasasti Sanskrit inscriptions contain verses laudatory of Maharana Raj Singh and also provides an elaborate history of Mewar in general and Maharana Raj Singh in particular.


Badshahi Bagh

Source: archaeological survey of india

When Maharana Pratap didn’t accept defeat from the Mughal sultanate, Mughals sent Man Singh to attack Pratap and his army. The passage of the Haldighati was very difficult and narrow and it is said that only one horseman could go at a time, so the army of the Mughals stood in the open and that place later became famous with the name ‘Badshahi Bagh’.


Rakht Talai

Source: archaeological survey of india

Rakht Talai is the spot where the second half of the battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and the Mughals. The battle led to thousands of soldiers dying from both the sides and the blood which flowed was to that extent that it formed a pool and that is why the place is called Rakht Talai. There is a twin cenotaph which commemorates the exploits of Raja Ram Saha of Gwalior and his three sons who paid the debt of gratitude to their patrons with their lives.



Source: Rajsamand

The location of Dewair a strategic significance as various ways to Mewar, Marwar, Gujarat, and Malwa pass from Dewair. The famous battle of Dewair was started at this very place on Vijay Dashmi in the year 1582. In this epic battle, Maharana Pratap and Kunwar Amar Singh (his son) displayed extreme strength and bravery. The war can be said the revenge war of Haldighati and proved to be the biggest milestone achieved by Pratap during his lifetime.


Nathdwara temple

Located in the Aravali hills on the banks of Banas River, Nathdwara temple houses the idol of Shreenathji who is considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The idol originally belonged to Jatipura, Mathura and was shifted here in 1672.

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अगर आप भी ऐसे व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप के एडमिन है तो सावधान हो जाइये..!!

WT-Love-Jihadअभी पिछले कुछ दिनों से पुरे देश भर में, राजसमन्द जिले में हुए उस घिनौने हत्याकांड का जमकर विरोध हो रहा है। कई संगठनों ने इसका विरोध किया और कैंडल मार्च  भी किए। लेकिन कुछ लोग जो ख़ुद को ही ‘देशभक्त’, ‘सच्चा मेवाड़ी’ वगैरा-वगैरा घोषित कर चुके है, भी सामने आए है और सोशल मीडिया पर शम्भू लाल रेगर(हत्या का आरोपी) का समर्थन कर रहे है। हालाँकि अभी तक हत्या की जांच चल रही है और इसे कई एंगल से देखा जा रहा है बावज़ूद इसके कुछ व्हाट्सएप मैसेज पुरे मेवाड़ में पर वायरल हो रहे है।

आप भी देख लीजिए:

“लव जिहादियों सावधान, जाग उठा है शम्भू लाल जय श्री राम”,

“शम्भू का केस सुखदेव लडेगा और शम्भू को न्याय दिलाएगा। वकील हो तो आप जैसा, जय मेवाड़, जय मावली, निशुल्क लड़ेंगे सुखदेव सिंह उज्जवल मावली।”

आश्चर्य की बात ये है कि इन ग्रुप में बीजेपी सांसद, एम.एल.ए और बड़े अधिकारी लोग भी जुड़े हुए है। उनसे बात करने पर बताया की ‘वो कई महीनो से व्हाट्सएप नहीं चला रहे’, ‘कुछ बोलते है हमनें पढ़ा नहीं है, हमें जानकारी नहीं है’, ‘मैं जयपुर गया हुआ था व्हाट्सएप नहीं चलाया’।अब वो ऐसा कह रहे है तो हो सकता है सच हो, हो सकता है नहीं भी। राम जाने।

लेकिन हम आप लोगो को ज़रूर सचेत कर देना चाहते है यदि आप भी ऐसे ग्रुप से जुड़े है या उसके एडमिन बने हुए है तो सावधान हो जाइए। किसी भी तरह के ऑफेंसिव, असमाजिक, अश्लील, अशांति फ़ैलाने वाले मैसेज अगर आपके एडमिन रहते उस व्हाट्सएप ग्रुप या फेसबुक पेज पर सर्कुलेट होता है तो उसकी जिम्मेदारी एडमिन की ही होगी। जो इस तरह के मैसेज का समर्थन करता है वो भी जिम्मेदार होगा।  ये हम नहीं नया कानून कह रहा है।

क्या कर सकते है? :

  1.  हर ग्रुप में उन्हीं लोगों को ऐड करें जिन्हें आप पर्सनली जानते हैं।
  2. जैसे ही कोई ऑफेंसिव पोस्ट आए। उसे हटा दें। उसे बिना जांचे-परखे फॉरवर्ड करने से बचे।
  3. ऐसे मेंबर को भी ग्रुप से बाहर निकाल दें। याद रखें अगर आज उसे ग्रुप से बाहर निकालने में बुरा लग रहा है तो कल को हवालात से बाहर निकलने में कितना बुरा लगेगा!
  4. अगर कोई मैसेज या पोस्ट ज्यादा ही बुरा है। ज्यादा ही समस्याएं खड़ी कर सकता है तो नजदीकी थाने में जाएं और पुलिस को उसकी जानकारी देंवे। इन मामलों में आलस न करें। आज अगर आप अपने वाहन से नहीं जाएंगे तो कल को पुलिस वाले अपना वहां लेकर आ सकते हैं।
  5. सुरक्षित रहें। सावधान रहें। दिमाग से काम ले। नफ़रत और झूठ को न फैलाएं। अच्छे आदमी बनें।

लव-जिहाद, हिन्दू-मुस्लिम, गौ-रक्षा और न जाने क्या-क्या मुद्दा उठा कर हत्याएं करने वालो का समर्थन करना कहाँ तक उचित है? हमें इन मुद्दों के द्वारा भड़काया जाता है और हम आसानी से भड़क भी जाते है। कभी अपना ओपिनियन रखते भी है कि हकीक़त में मैं क्या सोचता हूँ? मेरे नेता की सोच, मेरे दोस्त की सोच या मेरे घरवाले की सोच मेरी सोच कभी नहीं हो सकती।

अगर सच में मेवाड़ की शान बढानी है, मेवाड़ का विकास होता देखना चाहते हो, देश का विकास होता देखना चाहते हो तो आप ख़ुद सोचिये क्या ये इस तरह हो पाएगा? सिर्फ जय मेवाड़ लिख कर पोस्ट डालने से जय नहीं हो जाती है। हमारे पूर्वजो ने बलिदान दिया था वो अगर आज होते तो वो ख़ुद भी इन घटनाओं का विरोध कर रहे होते। उनके नाम पर  राजनिति  बंद करो।

सँभलने की ज़रुरत है, अफ्राज़ुल शिकार हुए, इस जगह राजस्थान से बाहर गया हमारा दोस्त, कोई अपना या ख़ुद हम भी हो सकते है। हम कैसा भारत बनाना चाहते है ये आप और हम पर निर्भर करेगा।

नोट: व्हाट्सएप पर कोई भी पोस्ट बना कर डाल सकता है, उस पर आँख बंद कर विश्वास न करें। पहले उसे ढंग से पढ़े, वेरीफाई करें तब अगर फॉरवर्ड करने लायक लगे तो करें, वरना नहीं।

Lake Rajsamand : A Meadow of Azure Depicting Rusticity

rajsamand lake pal

Rajsamand Lake is an epitome of didactic work done by the princely states for the well concern and revampment of society and economy, which could be easily traced by its sun gold essence of gleaming ethics and serenity. This is a massive lake with well built Ghats. It is one of the largest artificial lakes of medieval period. It is a place of small gust of pleasure, where sun shades the waters the lake, precisely pedestrianized and stuffed with beautiful arrays of silver linings is bestowed to the town Rajsamand. The lake contours about 1.75miles wide, 4 miles long and 60 feet deep, having coordinates 25°4’14″N 73°53’15″E.

The fabulous site of this tarn was the result of a dam constructed across the river Gomati, Kelwa and Tali was debuted by Maharana Raj Singh I in the years 1662-1676 with elaborated structures of Jharokas and jettings. The catchment area of the lake is approximately 508 square kilometers.


Why was it Constructed?

The major reason for construction of Lake Rajsamand was to overcome the problem of drought and to render employment for victims of a widespread drought and famine in the year 1661, and to provide canal irrigation to local farmers. It is among the oldest relief works done in Rajasthan. The digging of this foundation began on January 1, 1662. Construction of the actual dam began on January 14, 1676. Mukund Jaggatnath was one of the main architects. It was built in Indo –Persian style and materials used for the construction were stone, rubble and masonry. River Gomti is the main supplier of water to Rajsamand Lake.

rajsamand lake


Architecture & Design:

On the bank of the Dam three mandaps were constructed out of white marble, each mandap has three chokies. The first mandap has very interesting scenes where a newly wed girl is departing from her husband’s house. The villagers are seen in sad postures. It is shown that the husband is dragging the wife; the camel of the camel cart is also seen in a sad posture. The second mandap has a scene of animal fighting. The fight of Elephant with Horse is depicted.

On the southern end of this lake their lies a large embankment 183 m. long and 12 m. high, known as Nauchowki or the nine pavilions. It is believed that the dam measures nine hundred ninety nine feet in length and ninety-nine feet in breadth. Every step measures nine inches and there are nine white marble cenotaphs build on the dam. Each of these cenotaphs is nine feet in height and is at nine degree angle from each other. This embankment has marble terraces and stone steps touching the lake and is dotted with five toranas or weighing arches and chhatris (cenotaphs). The colonnaded pavilions are decorated with depictions of the sun, chariots, gods, birds and dancing girls, exquisite carvings that are claimed to be unique in India. It is overviewed by the Dwarikadhish temple and from the Kumbhalgarh Fort the vista it glitters with gushing water is as captivative as scarlet is. This place is also considered to be the one where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendents organized the event of Tuladan: they were weighed in jewels and gold, the cash value of which was distributed among Brahmans for the construction of temples and tanks for the welfare of the people. The history of Mewar is also inscribed here in 107 stanzas, on its 21 marble stones known as ‘Raj Prasasti‘ an epic by Ranchhor Bhatt. It has also been acclaimed as one of the longest etchings in India. The epigraph has given lot of historical, commercial, civil, educational, weighing system etc. to carve out the history and to bring the different shores of historical facts together. The Rajsamand was also the scene of a desperate battle in the late 17th century between Mewar and the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The Mugals destroyed the torans and ruined all the carvings on the mandap. During World War II, Rajsamand Lake was used as a seaplane base by Imperial Airways for about six years.

lake rajsamand

There was no provision for sluice gates, at the time of construction of the lake. Irrigation water was supplied by means of a lift irrigation system. The first sluice gate canal was built by the British people, it is 8 km long, and after independence in the 1960s, an ambitious second one was added, which was 35 km long.

Preposterously, in the year 2000, the lake came into the verge of its existence it was just a barren land of rocks and weeds and residents used the Nand Sagar Lake located about 15 km upstream as a substitute then fortunately on the passage of time the monsoon refilled it. Now the Lake Rajsamand has been used for irrigation and its canal network services are used to provide water to 42 villages covering an area of 7,284 hectares. The villages viz.: Peepli, Mohi, Kuwariya, Bhava, Rupakheda etc. are the regular connectors of this water.

The charm exuded by the unparalleled beauty of the Rajsamand Lake is infectious and the tourists are attracted to this place. It has genuine beauty of its own, especially when women clad in hues of yellow, green, purple accommodate the lake on the festive of Gangaur and Teej. The provocative thing of this place is its purity of water, the shimmering and dancing rays of sunbeams of the settling god and the colour changing water beckons the tourists to its charm by over whelming their hearts.

Photos By : Hemant Paliwal

Bageri Ka Naka

Bageri Ka Naka, Nowdays Most Liked Place for Udaipies and People Nearby in The Monsoon.

Bageri Ka Naka

It Has Now Turned to a Famous Picnic Spot for Sundays (Fundays). Situated in District Rajsamand initially built to fulfill the needs and thirsts of the local people of Rajsamand and nearby areas.

UdaipurBlog Paid a Visit to Bageri Ka Naka. It was Much Crowded their as it was a SUNDAY  And Here We Have a Wonderful Collection of Photos and Videos :

Video 1:

Second Video:


Udaipur – Land of Minerals

Udaipur - Land of Minerals

Udaipur is a well known name famous for its Lakes, Palaces, Architecture, Temples, Natural beauty, Eco trails, Romantic evenings and its Golden History. But it’s a place lot more famous around the world not just for it’s beauty but also as place endowed with natural minerals.
Udaipur being Major Tourist Hub of the Country is also a Commercial Hub of the world with handicrafts and marble mining and processing as important occupation of people. Nature has endowed Udaipur with natural minerals. Our city tops in mining of natural minerals listed below:

  1. White marble
  2. Zinc
  3. Rock phosphate
  4. Talc (soapstone)
  5. Calcite
  6. Quartz
  7. Wollastonite
  8. Pyrophyllite & Sillimanite

Marble Industry:

Mining Udaipur

Udaipur stands 1st in the world for mining and processing of white marble. It is the Asia’s largest market for white, green, pink and other marble. All these Marble mines udaipurmarble’s are exclusively mined, processed and exported around the World. Udaipur and Rajasthan comes first in marble mining and tops the list in this segment in the country. The marble industry is well set and established over hear with proper infrastructure and technological support for mining and processing. It is the largest sector giving employment to many people of the city and those immigrants from small villages. The business is very vast; the mines and processing units are extended in the adjoining areas namely Sukher, Rajsamand, Rajnagar, Kesrayaji, Chittor , Kishangarh etc. In total there are approximately 5,000 small and big units working in field of mining, processing, exporting and trading of marble.
The marble being produced is sold in all the states and across borders with R.K marble as largest producer of marble in the world with 60,000 square meter per day has earned the company a place in Guinness Book of World Records.
Though mining was once banned in the Aravalli region but the association of so many people with this industry as an employment agent cannot be denied and government had to cancel their order because of this.


zinc udaipurThe only company producing zinc is Hindustan Zinc. Formerly it was managed and run by Government of India and is now a part of big public company called Vedanta Group. Their Head offices are located amidst the city and the plants or projects run in outskirts of the city. It is one of the Largest producer of Zinc in the Country which accounts to 7,54,000 Tonnes P.A. It’s a Big organization and provides employment to hundreds of people. Their mines operate in Dariba near Udaipur where the Products Zinc Concentrate and Lead Concentrate which has a Ore product capacity 0.30 milion tonnes per annum.

Rock Phosphate:

Rock phosphate is another such mineral been mined and processed by RSMML. The major activity of RSMML is the mining of Rock phosphate ore. It operates one of the largest and fully mechanised mines in the country at Jhamarkotra, 26 Kms. from Udaipur.
In India the economy being predominantly based on agriculture, the fertilizer production plays a pivotal role. Only about 35% to 40% of the requirement of raw material for phosphatic fertilizer production are being met through indigenous sources and the rest is met through import in the form of rock phosphate, phosphoric acid & direct fertilizers. In such a situation Jhamarkotra plays an important role by contributing 98% of rock phosphate production of India.

White Industrial Minerals:

The minerals Talc , Dolomite, Calcite, China Clay are of same category, composition and use and mainly used as fillers, strengthening agents , whiteners for manufacturing in paints , plastics , paper , detergents , Talc Udaipurcosmetics etc. These minerals come under the category of white industrial minerals. These minerals are mined in neighboring villages and been processed into fine powder to be used for industrial purposes all around the world. The demand for these minerals is very high all around the world with high consumptions from Europe and Middle East nations. Udaipur is the lead producer of these minerals Wolkem India is a leading name in the mining and processing of Calcite and Wallastonite across the World and Golcha Group is the top name when someone thinks about Soapstone (Talc). Whereas Shri Kailash Khanij Udhyog is the only miner and producer of mineral Pyrophyllite and Sillimanite in this region. Both these minerals are widely used in refractories and other industrial applications around the World.

Mewar Industrial Area in Udaipur is full of Grinding Units these Minerals and New Industrial Areas are developed to accommodate the growth of these Industries. Around 500 units are involved into Mining, Grinding and Processing of these Minerals in and around Udaipur city.

impact udaipur

Impact on Nature and Societal Perspective:

Mining and Mineral Industries are also a cause to natural hazard, degrading land resources and natural surroundings. Although mining in Aravalli range has been banned but illegal mining is still going on in these regions and causing problems to natural surroundings. But these industries are so prominent as they give employment to a lot of people, the benefits arising out of them cannot be ignored too. So many people from all economic strata are associated with these industries and if the industry is banned and shut down then surely too much of unemployment, which the state cannot afford. As long as it keeps on giving employment to people the industry will survive and so do the people.

UdaipurBlog team is Thankful to Mr. Ashok Chohan of  Shri Kailash Khanij Udhyog for his Valuable insights About the Mineral Industry.

Rajsamand District

Rajsamand District is a district of the state of Rajasthan in western India. The city and district are named on Rajsamand Lake, an artificial lake created in the 17th century by Rana Raj Singh of Mewar.
The district has an area of 4,768 km². The district lies in the watershed of the Banas River and its tributaries. Rajsamand District is part of the Mewar region, and was historically part of the Kingdom of Mewar, also known as the Kingdom of Udaipur.

Some Famous Places In Rajsamand

  • Eklingji
  • Haldighati(The Yellow Vale)
  • Kumbhalgarh
  • Nathdwara
  • Ranakpur(Pali District)
  • Rajsamand Lake
  • Chetak Tomb

Nearest Railway Station : Kankroli

Nearest Airport : Maharana Pratap Airport (Dabok – Udaipur)

How to Reach:

Direct Buses are available from Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Kota, Bhilwara, Ajmer, Beawer, Ahmedabad, Indore and New Delhi.

Direct Train is available from Marwar Junction and Mavli Junction.

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Udaipur District Zip Codes Or PIN Codes

Udaipur District PIN Codes and Zip Codes

Location PINCode / ZIPCode

Ashok Nagar 313001
Ayed 313001
Badgaon 313011
Bajaj Nagar 313021
Bambora 313706
Barapal 313805
Barar 313341
Bari T B Sanatorium 313025
Bawalwara 313806
Bedla 313016
Bhalerana 313030
Bhim 305921
Bhinder 313603
Bhupalpura 313001
Boharwari 313001
Cement Factory 313021
Chandpole 313001
Charbhuja 313333
Charbhuja Road Amet 313332
Chawand 313904
Chetak Circle City 313001
Chhani 313804
Chhaplian 313340
Dabok 313022
Dabok Air Port 313023
Dal 313033
Dariba Udaipur 313211
Daroli 313032
Debari 313029
Delwara 313202
Deogarh 313331
Deogarh Bazar 313331
Dhan Mandi 313001
Dhariawad 313605
Fatehpura 313001
Fatel Nagar 313205
Gaon Guda 313321
Ghasa 313210
Gilund 313207
Gogunda 313705
Hiran Magri 313001
Industrial Area 313001
Intali 313608
Intalikhera 313026
Jaswantgarh Udaipur 313707
Jhadol Phalasia 313702
Jhadol Sarara 313905
Jhallara 313038
Jhalon Ki Madar 313336
Jhamar Kotra Mines 313015
Kailashpuri 313209
Kalyanpur Udaipur 313907
Kankroli 313342
Kankroli H O 313324
Kanore 313604
Kanpur 313014
Kelwa 313331
Kelwara 313325
Keshariawad 313610
Khamnore 313322
Khemli 313201
Kheroda 313602
Kherwara 313803
Khunta 313609
Koaria 313327
Koshiwara 313709
Kotharia 313323
Kotra 307025
Kun 313612
Kuraj 313328
Kurawar 313703
Lakadwas 313012
Lasadia 313607
Lawa Sardargarh 313330
Machhala Magra Colony 313001
Mavli Jn H O 313203
Mehar 313613
Mohi 313338
Nai 313031
Nandeshma 313708
Nathdwara 313301
Nathdwara Chopati 313301
Naya Sarafa Bazar 313001
Palace Road 313001
Palana Khurd 313204
Panchwati 313001
Parsad 313801
Parsola 313611
Phalasia 313701
Pratapnagar 313001
Railmagra 313329
Railway Station 313001
Rajsamand 313326
Rani Road 313001
Rinchhed 313337
Rishabhdeo 313802
Rundera 313606
Rural Institute 313001
Sagtara 313906
Sakroda 313212
Salumbar Gandhi Chowk 313027
Salumbar H O 313027
Sanwar 313206
Sarara 313902
Saveena 313013
Sayra 313704
Semari 313903
Seria 313028
Shishoda 313303
Shivaji Nagar 313001
Station Road 313001
Surajpole 313001
Tekri 313001
Tokar 313034
Tourist Complex 313001
Udaipur H O 313001
Udaipur Shastri Circle 313001
University Campus 313001
Vallabhnagar 313601
Vidya Bhawan 313001
Zawar Mines 313901
Zink Smelter 313024
Add 313611
Adiwali 313804
Adkalia 313702
Adwas 313703
Agad 313015
Ajbara 313703
Alsigarh 313031
Amar Pura 313015
Ambassa 313710
Amiwara 313710
Amlia 313710
Anant 313611
Anjani 313015
Arinda 313602
Ars Station 313704
B K Kherwara 313702
Baalicha 313015
Badawali 313026
Bagdunda 313705
Baghpura 313031
Bakhel 307025
Balathal 313704
Ballabh 313706
Balua 313802
Bana Khurd 313902
Banoda 313027
Bansada 313603
Barda 313011
Bari Tb (s) 313025
Bari Undri 313031
Bassi Junjawat 313027
Batharda Kalan 313602
Batharda Khurd 313602
Bayri 313903
Bedawal 313027
Beerothi 313702
Bekria 313708
Bemla 313703
Bhabrana 313038
Bhadviguda 313705
Bhalon Ka Guda 313024
Bhanda 313903
Bhansol Garwara 313204
Bharev 313015
Bharkundi 313611
Bhatewaar 313704
Bhensda Kalan 313024
Bhimal 313203
Bhoiyon Ki Pancholi 313003
Bhopa Khera 313603
Bhoraipal 313026
Bhudar 313802
Bhutala 313011
Bhuwana 313001
Bichhadi 313024
Bijanwas 313201
Bikarni 307025
Bilakh 313802
Boria 313611
Boyana 313201
Bujhra 313031
Chanawada 313801
Chandora 313903
Changedi 313205
Chansda 313901
Chargadia 313603
Chari 313605
Chatia Khedi 313705
Chatpur 313905
Chiboda 313027
Chorai 313903
Chorbaori 313705
Dabaycha 313804
Dagar 313026
Daiya 313710
Dakan Kotra 313001
Damana 313702
Dantalia 313605
Dantesar 313703
Dayli 313902
Deogam 313027
Depur 313903
Deri 313804
Dhamania 313704
Dhamniya 313015
Dhankiwara 313903
Dharod 313027
Dhavdi 313706
Dhedmaria 307025
Dheemari 313702
Dhikiya 313015
Dhingri 313905
Dhinkli 313001
Dhinkwas 313903
Dhol 313708
Dholgiri Ka Khera 313038
Dholi Magri 313201
Dhundia 313603
Dodawali 313702
Fatehnagar 313205
Gadriawas 313605
Gadwas 313605
Gamda Pal 313027
Garnalakotra 313802
Gejvi 313702
Ghated 313038
Ghodi 313903
Gingla 313706
Godach 313011
Godana 313702
Godasar 313026
Godawat Gorimba 313802
Gogala 313702
Gogrood 313708
Gorana 313702
Gudel 313706
Gupri 313022
Guran 307025
Hinta 313603
Idana 313706
Intali Khera 313026
Intali Pal 313026
Isarwas Dangiyan 313027
Iswal 313011
Jagat 313703
Jambuda 313027
Jaswantgarh 313708
Jawad 313703
Jawas 313903
Jayra 313804
Jed 307025
Jekra 313031
Jetana 313038
Jhadol (p) 313702
Jhadol (s) 313905
Jhamar Kotra 313015
Jodhpur Khurd 313038
Juda 307025
Kachhaba 313705
Kagdar 313802
Kagwas 307025
Kaladwas 313003
Kali Bhit 313015
Kalyankalan 313038
Kanbai 313804
Kantora 313905
Kanuwara 313802
Karakalan 313038
Karchha 313903
Katanwara 313902
Katarwas 313903
Katev 313026
Kathar 313001
Kaya 313801
Kejad 313902
Kewda Khurd 313001
Khajuria 307025
Khakhad 313702
Khandiobri 313903
Khanmeen 313903
Kharka 313027
Kharsan 313602
Khempur 313203
Kherad 313027
Kikawas 313704
Kkunthwas 313603
Kojawara 313802
Kolyari 313710
Kundai 313603
Kyari 313708
Ladani 313203
Lakhawali 313011
Laku Ka Lewa 313015
Larathi 313903
Lathuni 313710
Lodia 313611
Lohagarh 313605
Loharcha 313708
Lopada 313203
Losing 313011
Loyra 313011
Lunda 313015
Madar 313011
Madla 313031
Madri 313031
Mahad 307025
Mahadi 307025
Mahuwara 313901
Majawad 313705
Majawada 313602
Majawadi 313705
Makradeo 313031
Mallada 313026
Malpur 313027
Malwa Ka Chora 313708
Mamer 307025
Managaon 313605
Mandawal 307025
Mandvi 313611
Massaron Ki Obri 313802
Matoon 313003
Mavli Jn 313203
Mayada 313706
Medi Dhani 313903
Menar 313602
Merta 313022
Methudi 313703
Mewaron Ka Math 313708
Mohd. Phalasia 313702
Morila 313027
Morwal 313705
Motida 313603
Nahar Magra 313201
Naijhar 313703
Nal 313705
Nalva 313605
Nandwel 313022
Nathara 313902
Navda 313903
Nawania 313704
Nayawas 307025
Nedach 313011
Nichli Sigri 313710
Noli 313026
Noorda 313204
Obra Kalan 313705
Ogna 313702
Onarsingh Ki Bhagal 313602
Orwaria 313027
Padawali 313702
Padla 313901
Paduna 313801
Pahada 313605
Pal Kharwad 313801
Pal Nimboda 313902
Pal Sarara 313902
Palan Kalan 313204
Palodara 313001
Pandiyawara 313026
Panund 313706
Pareda 313802
Parel 313605
Patia 313804
Payara 313038
Phalichada 313203
Phila 313706
Piladhar 313001
Pipalwara 313031
Pipli (a) 313802
Pipli (b) 313802
Piplia 313605
Pithalpura 313015
Pograkalan 313903
Puria Kheri 313704
Rajol 313903
Rakhyawal 313201
Rao Madra 313708
Rathora 313026
Ravlia Khurd 313705
Rawalia Kalan 313705
Royda 313001
Sagtari 313903
Saidem 313708
Salera Kalan 313201
Sallada 313905
Salumber Mdg 313027
Sameeja 313702
Samoda 313038
Samoli 307025
Sandraf 307025
Sapetia 313011
Saradeet 313031
Saradi 313027
Sarangpura 313603
Sarera 313804
Saroli 313903
Sarsia 313905
Sarupal 313801
Shaktawat Ka Guda 313026
Shaktawato Ka Guda 313702
Sheshpur 313038
Shobhagpura 313011
Sihad 313706
Sihar 313605
Sindhu 313204
Singhatwara 313901
Sisarma 313031
Som 313710
Sulai 313903
Sulawas 313706
Surkhand Ka Khera 313903
Suveri 313903
Tarawat 313704
Teja Ka Was 313708
Tekan 313706
Thamla 313204
Thoor 313011
Tidi 313801
Titardi 313001
Tothada 313611
Udaipur 313001
Udaipur City 313001
Udaipur Fatehpura 313001
Udaipur H Magri 313002
Udaipur Industrial Area 313003
Udaipur Macchala Magra 313001
Udaipur Naya Sarafa 313001
Udaipur Palace Road 313001
Udaipur Pratapnagar 313001
Udaipur Railway Station 313001
Udaipur Rani Road 313001
Udaipur Station Road 313001
Udaipur Surajpole 313001
Udaipur University Campus 313001
Udaipuria Jagir 313905
Ugamna Kotra 313802
Upreta 313701
Utharda 313706
Uthnol 313204
Vadiyar 313203
Vana 313602
Vasni Kalan 313205
Vass 313702
Veerdholia 313201
Veerpura 313905
Wali 313703
Wanri 313204
Zinc Smelter 313024