Udaipur Nagar Nigam Starts Encroachment Removal Campaign

Udaipur Nagar Nigam has started a drive to remove all the temporary encroachments that are narrowing the roads of the city. The municipal corporation of Udaipur has started this campaign to widen the streets of the city which are causing trouble to the commuters.

The special thing about this campaign is that it is not pre-scheduled. The Municipal Corporation team is reaching the market every day without giving any prior notice. This will not allow the businessmen and shopkeepers to remove the encroachment at the time of action and put it back once the Municipal Corporation team is gone.

According to the Mayor of Udaipur, G S Tank, the corporation will take this action in all the major markets of the city and it will continue doing it till the businessmen and shopkeepers get into the habit of keeping the roads encroachment free.

So far, action has been taken from Surajpol to Mukherjee Chowk.

Udaipur will soon have City Buses for intra-city commuting

The year 2020 will fulfil the long-pending wish of Udaipurites to have a robust public transport system for the city commuters. By July 2020, Udaipur city will have city buses running in the city for intra-city commuting.

On the initial level, around 26 buses will be deployed to run on different routes with the city. Udaipur City Transport Company Ltd. drafted the above plan during a meeting held at the Smart City Company office last week. The meeting was presided by the Chairman of the company, Mayor Govind Singh Taak, who drafted the entire plan of action for the project.

As per the plan, the committee has also decided upon the tentative fare for different routes which would be in the range of Rs. 5 to Rs. 15 depending on the distance of travel.

Besides, the company also plans to run AC buses from Dabok Airport for people travelling to the city by air. These buses will run according to the flight arrival timings.

The committee has finalised the following route for the buses:

Route 1 – Balicha to Badgaon

Route 2 – Titardi to Badgaon

Route 3 – Rampura to Dabok

Route 4 – Amberi to Balicha

Route 5 – Goverdhan Vilas to Hiranmagri, Pratap Nagar and Pratap Gourav Kendra

Udaipur is all set for Municipal Corporation Elections on 16th November.

The Diwali buzz has just subsided and the city is now gearing up for another big event of the town – Udaipur Municipal Corporation Elections 2019.


The preparation for Municipal Corporation Elections, which are going to take place on 16th November 2019, is in full swing. Udaipurities are all set to select the government for their city.

To understand this further, a Municipal Corporation or Nagar Nigam is a local government that administers urban areas with a population of more than 100,000. Udaipur city earlier had a City Council, that works for the towns having a population between 25,000 and 100,000. The City Council was converted into Udaipur Municipal Corporation in 2013. The current population of the Udaipur is around 4.5 lakhs. The municipal corporation is ruled by IAS officer/ Mayor.

This local governing body works for providing necessary community services like health care, educational institution, housing, transport etc. by collecting property tax and fixed grant from the Rajasthan State Government.

It is noteworthy that candidates representing various political parties along with independent candidates are going to contest for 70 wards falling under the Corporation. The result of the elections will be announced on 19th November 2019.

स्वच्छ सर्वेक्षण 2018: नगर निगम ने खुद को दिये 1017/1400, आप कितने नंबर देंगे?

udaipur nagar nigam2014 में शुरू हुए स्वच्छ भारत अभियान में इस साल उदयपुर नगर निगम ने खुद को 1400 में से 1017 नंबर दिये है।पिछले साल देश भर में 310वे स्थान पर रहा उदयपुर, इस बार निगम उम्मीद कर रहा है कि रैंकिंग में ज़बरदस्त सुधार नज़र आएगा। ट्रांसपोर्ट एंड कलेक्शन और ओडीएफ़ के चलते इस बार रैंकिंग सुधरने की उम्मीद है। लेकिन आपको बता दें भले उदयपुर ओडीएफ़ ज़िला घोषित हो चूका हो लेकिन अभी भी कई घर ऐसे है जहाँ शोचालय तक नहीं बने है बावजूद इसके उसे ओडीएफ़ घोषित किया हुआ है। अब बात ये है कि निगम किस बेस पर खुद को ओडीएफ़ से जोड़कर नंबर दे रहा है जबकि हकीक़त कुछ और ही है! कचरा कलेक्शन का काम शुरू तो हो गया है लेकिन अभी भी प्रोसेसिंग और डिस्पोजल के प्लांट का लगना बाकी है। सनेट्री फील्ड साईट भी नहीं है।

odf udaipur
photo courtesy: udaipurtimes

खैर ये तो निगम की बात हो गई पर आप लोग भी उदयपुर नगर निगम को नंबर दे सकते है। बस आपको दिये गए इस लिंक को क्लिक करना है और वहाँ अपने आप को सिटिज़न फीडबैक वाले सेक्शन में रजिस्टर करवाना है। उसके बाद आपके सामने कुछ प्रश्न आएँगे उनके उत्तर देकर आप नगर निगम को फीडबैक दे सकते है। ये रही वो लिंक https://swachhsurvekshan2018.org/

लेकिन हम चाहते है कि आप कमेंट बॉक्स में इस विषय पर अपने विचार प्रकट करें ताकि हम आप सब मिलकर एक अच्छी बहस कर सकें। एक अच्छी बहस शायद हमारे शहर के लिये फ़ायदा कर जाए। 🙂

(ऊपर दिये गए फैक्ट्स राजस्थान पत्रिका और दैनिक भास्कर से लिये गए है।)

Udaipur Nagar Nigam and its Benefits

Udaipur – Now a Municipal Corporation

udaipur nagar nigam

You might remember we had shared hopes for our Udaipur city at the beginning of this New Year 2013. Amongst them one was to convert the existing City Council into the Municipal Corporation. The Honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot has showered the most awaited gift to the citizens of Udaipur while presenting the Annual Budget 2013-2014 for Rajasthan in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, 06 March 2013. A wave of bliss has rippled across every face in the city. People have welcomed whole heartedly the declaration and expressed their glee among each other.

The grant of Municipal Corporation has delighted the people of Udaipur. Although a long awaited decision has been finally made which has pleased everyone here at Udaipur. People and other social groups in the city celebrated joy by carrying firework and distributing sweets.

Of course it is right of every individual of belonging to the city to know the revolution it would bring after having the status of the Municipal Corporation. How the developments would take place and what other facilities would be introduced by having such a remarkable change. Let us summarize them all.


Development of Villages

The sphere of the Municipal Corporation would include many adjacent villages. Administrative and Development that were earlier taken care by the Gram Panchayats now would be executed under the powers of Municipal Corporation. Many new wards would be formed and people would get chance to become Councilor for their ward. Villages would prosper and flourish but in the limelight of MC.


Development of City on a Wider Scale

Formation of Udaipur Municipal Corporation would lead to open doorways for new big projects and that would certainly bring development on a larger scale. More developments & more projects would offer new employment opportunities to the residents of Udaipur and adjoining villages.


Enhanced Administrative Powers

The Administrative Framework would be revived. The Chairman would become Mayor of the city with improved administrative, decisive and financial powers. A C.E.O. of gazette officer rank would be appointed. Instead of one Commissioner there could be two Commissioners who would be working under the C.E.O. The pay structure and other emoluments of the Corporation’s employees would be revised. Thus it would bring cheers on their faces too.


Liberty on Financial Front

Municipal Corporation endorses more financial freedom as compared the City Council. Thus this would leverage better development of the City. Earlier the Chairman had power to release budget for Rs. 10 Lac whereas the Mayor can allocate a budget of Rs 1 Crore for the development of the city. Similarly the Commissioner is eligible to allocate Rs 1 Lac whereas C.E.O. has powers to release Rs 75 Lac for the developments projects. So one can imagine the pace of the developments would now take place in our city. Things lying held due to lack of budget would revive and run to touch the finishing line.


Better Education System

Inspired by the fast and improved development of the city would attract new universities and colleges to open. This would cater vast opportunities for the students and bring abundant employment openings for the residents. Thus it would certainly strengthen the economy and enlarge the size of Udaipur on a wider spectrum.