Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App


Read the name ‘ActionUdaipur’? Know what it is 

What is Action Udaipur?

An initiative by the district administration of Udaipur to give power to the citizens to turn their ideas into action, ActionUdaipur is a dais for people to accomplish activities for the improvement of their society, community or the city. The main aim of ActionUdaipur is to encourage the citizens’ contribution towards the growth and betterment of the city.

One can email suggestions at smartcityudaipur@gmail.com

ActionUdaipur Application for Mobile Phones

In order to have a smooth functioning of the campaign of ActionUdaipur, it launched a mobile application on 2nd September 2015 with the help of district administration.

The motto of the campaign is ‘Clean Udaipur, Healthy Udaipur, Beautiful Udaipur’.

This is a one of its kind initiative taken in India by the Udaipur District Administration to keep the city clean and beautiful. With the help of ActionUdaipur App, one can help to keep Udaipur district clean and garbage free.

Steps for using the ActionUdaipur App

After downloading it from the PlayStore (for Android) or AppStore (for iPhones) you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

If you see any unclean place around, you need to undertake the following steps:
  • Click 2 photos
  • Keep them in your gallery
  • Click on the Civic Complain option (which is the first option on the homepage of the Application)
  • Once opened, fill in the required fields like Name, Gender etc
  • Upload the two pictures you have taken
  • You can send or save your issue
  • For sending it to the authorities, click on the Send option.


  1. Your Complaint will be registered on the central server.
  2. Your location will be taken automatically using GPS.
  3. Registered complaint will be monitored by the Udaipur district administration.

With The Help Of Actionudaipur App, You Can Register The Following:

Problems Related to
  • Garbage (Garbage near Home/Garbage in Society/Garbage at Public Places)
  • Water (Contaminated Water/Water Leakage/No Water/Insufficient Water)
  • Streetlight (Streetlight not working/Streetlight not available)
  • Drainage
  • No Drainage Cover/ Drainage Cover Open /Drainage line Choke up/ Leakage in Drainage line
  • Epidemic/Community Health Increasing Dengue cases/ Increasing Malaria cases/ Increasing Jaundice cases/ Increasing Typhoid cases/ Increasing Cholera cases/Food Poisoning
  • Illegal Hoardings
  • Food Adulteration
  • Dirtiness in Public Toilets
  • Dead Animal
  • Fallen Trees/ Hoardings
  • Mosquito Breeding

An Initiative by Udaipur District Administration to keep Udaipur Clean.

Other than Civic Complain there is an option of Janbhagadari, which will help citizen to give their time to keep Udaipur clean. In addition to these, you can view JanBhagidari Approval. Stay fit, Go Organic, Action Udaipur Gallery, CSR, Event List, Help, Smart City, Start-Up Udaipur, and Ongoing City Projects are other options on the App that can be utilized for specific purposes.

My Experience over Filing a Civic Complaint on Actionudaipur App

My experience with the ActionUdaipur App went decent. I live in an area which is close to Sisarma rural zone, quite far from the actual city hub. The problem involved was of garbage. There was no garbage dumping area or cleaning in our area. No government sweeper came to clean up the colony. After some time, the garbage accumulated started breeding bacteria and very foul smell aroused from the same.

What I did was simply downloaded the App from the Play Store and took two photographs of the garbage heap. Filled in the required fields, uploaded the pictures and clicked on send.

The required fields are mentioned in the screenshots I took to keep a track of things. Have a look.

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
Screenshot of the start of the App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
Homepage of the App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
On successful registering the complaint

I was waiting to get any call or message from ActionUdaipur but unfortunately didn’t receive anything of that sort. Well, after a week I thought this is not going to work. On the 10th day of filing the complaint, a person turned up in my locality asking for me. He told that he shall take care of the dumping and that he is there only to have a look on the complaint’s status. After 3 days of his visit, a cleaner with a vehicle came and took all the trash from the place and cleaned the area.

I had a mixed feeling about the action by ActionUdaipur. Anyway, they did resolve the problem for the time being.  Take a look on the after and before pictures of my area.

ActionUdaipur App
after and before of the location

Tell us how your experience was by using the ActionUdaipur App in the comment section below.

You can also visit their website http://www.actionudaipur.com/  for any other query.

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