Winners of Photos of the Week – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


Ub Winners So after 6 weeks of Photos of the Week Competition by UdaipurBlog here we announce the Winners of all the Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Winners are jointly chosen by Tara Chand Ji who recently won international award in photography and Team UdaipurBlog. Tara Chand Ji said – “It was a difficult task to choose among all the beautiful pictures. It is a great that is providing an Online platform for Udaipur’s Budding and talented photographers to show their Photography skills. These pictures are permanently placed on the website and can be cherished forever. I wish to see more awesome theme based Photographs to choose from.” 🙂 So on Tara Ji’s demand we will soon be announcing theme based photography competition in – “Photos of the Week” category. In the meantime this competition is paused for a month break and we will be back with a theme based competition starting in July – 2012 with better prizes and new awards. 🙂

All the winners will be contacted soon through email and calls regarding their prizes; all we require is High Resolution/Non Watermarked Picture of your Winning Entry. Just send them on our Id : You can also contact us on : +91-99290-67498 if you have any other queries associated with the competition. 😀


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Winners of Week 1:

  1. Trishita Ghosh – (Photo Link)
  2. Ashish Porwad – (Photo Link)
  3. Lekha Jain – (Photo Link)


Winners of Week 2:

  1. Nelesh Mehta – (Photo Link)
  2. Prateek Gupta – (Photo Link)
  3. Dr. Hersheal Aggarwal – (Photo Link)


Winners of Week 3:

  1. Tilak Kataria – (Photo Link)
  2. Arya Manu – (Photo Link)
  3. Gudakesh Kumar – (Photo Link)


Winners of Week 4:

  1. Subastou Pandey – (Photo Link)
  2. Ahmed Ziya – (Photo Link)
  3. Hitesh Chugh – (Photo Link) /Shreyas Jain – (Photo Link)


Winners of Week 5:

  1. Sandeep Kumbhat – (Photo Link)
  2. Lakshit Kothari – (Photo Link)
  3. Ankit Jain – (Photo Link)/Yogesh Jain – (Photo Link)


Winners of Week 6:

  1. Mubin Khan – (Photo Link)
  2. Deepankshi Chittora – (Photo Link)
  3. Charu Jain – (Photo Link) /Rajat Mogra – (Photo Link)



Note: The photos of the week competition have been paused for a month due to some service problems. Keep visiting to be updated about our upcoming theme based competition. 🙂
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