Download Rajasthan Tourism Ad Songs & Lyrics

The New AD Campaign by Rajasthan Tourism 2016 is making everyone Crazy and We have been getting a lot of request for the Music Track & Lyrics. The work for rebranding the Rajasthan Tourism campaign was assigned to the Agency – Ogilvy & Mather who has developed these awesome campaigns to add to the Beauty and Unexplored Charm of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Tourism Ad Music

Here is a Clip/Jingle of the Music Track taken from the Aryasthan Version of the Advertisement. We hope you Like and Enjoy the Jingle & Lyrics.

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 1

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 2

Click Here to Download the Rajasthan Tourism Ad Jingle 3



The Lyrics of Rajasthan Tourism Ad are as Follows :


Maati baandhe painjanee,

Bangdi pehne baadli,

Dedo dedo baavdo,

Ghod-mathod baavdi…


The English Translated Version of Rajasthan Tourism Ad : 


The land is wearing anklets,

The sky is wearing bangles,

The clouds in a happy frenzy have taken different shapes,

The beautiful revolving and rotund earth…

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