Best Chocolate delicacies in Udaipur you won’t stop drooling over

If someone asks me another synonym for ‘Heaven’, I would instantly say chocolate. No matter what the question is, the answer is definitely chocolate. Regardless of what your age is, chocolate can be your best friend anytime and anywhere. Whether you are sad, happy, celebrating, lonely this is that one thing which will always be your companion. Chocolate is widely known for its feel-good factor which is why your mood is instantly lifted as soon as you put a piece of this incredible thing in your mouth.

Enough has been said. Now without having you drool anymore, here’s the list of chocolate delicacies in Udaipur you should go for right now if you call yourself a chocolate lover.


Chocolate Avalanche at The chocolate room

After you try this one you would know why it is named after an Avalanche. Chocolate Avalanche is where different forms of chocolate are kept on one another, flavors of chocolate blasting inside your mouth giving your tongue all types of pleasure. Chocolate mousse, Chocolate brownie, pastry with Choco sauce and garnishing of a chocolate stick all in one would be pretty enough to satiate your chocolate fantasy for a long time.

Address: 14-C, Madhuban, ICICI Bank Lane, Panchwati, Udaipur


Chocolate dream sandwich at Mr. Sandwich

Melted dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Dark and white chocolate chips presented so wholly in front of you that you wouldn’t even be able to see the bread on the plate. And the first piece of this breathtakingly delicious sandwich will be your direct entry to the heaven. I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist having at least one piece of it when you see chocolate dripping from the sandwich as soon as you lift a piece of it. Chocolate inside, chocolate outside, chocolate all over, sounds dreamy much right?

Address: Vinayak Complex, Durga Nursery Road, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur


Chocolate truffle at Le Cakery

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The thick layer of chocolate covering the chocolate filled pastry and chocolate dripping from the edges of it. I don’t know about you but I am here drooling just writing about it. Apart from this blissful truffle, you can try some more lip-smacking delicacies here like Chocolate donut, pie, mousse etc. You would not leave the place disappointed ever, that’s for sure.

Address: 73, Chetak Circle, City Centre, Udaipur


Monster sundae at Cup N Glass

Do not get scared by the name because it is as monstrously chocolaty as it sounds. This sundae has numerous types of chocolate bars like five star, dairy milk, Kit Kat, milky bar, chocolate sticks, candy topped amazingly on luscious chocolate and vanilla ice cream with your favorite oreo at the side. This little glass of perfection is what you will crave for the next few days.

Address: 1, Assu Villa, Kamla Nagar, 100 Feet Road, Near Shubh Kesar Garden, Shobhagpura, Udaipur


Heaven’s touch shake at Apple Delight

Are you a brownie lover? You won’t regret reading this one at all. Heaven’s touch can be taken in its literal sense. This thick delightful shake is filled with pieces of brownie and creamy frostings. While you get all exhausted from shopping in the mall, this shake can be your quick escape.

Address: Second Floor, Celebration Mall, Bhuwana, Udaipur


Brownie Sandwich at Café Lazy Beans

Now that we are talking about the brownie, let me introduce you to one more star delicacy, the brownie sandwich. Completely covered chocolate brownie is when stuffed with chocolate ice-cream and chocolate chips, it would create something that can only be described in a single word – irresistible. And apart from the fact that it would be a treat for your stomach, it would be an incredible treat for your eyes too because let’s accept the fact – we eat from our eyes first.

Address: Shiksha Bhawan Chouraha, Near Swaroop Sagar Lake, Chamanpura, Udaipur


Chocolate Puri pan Shots at Mic & Munch

Chocolate lover? Pani Puri lover too? Well, then here’s one stupefying fusion dish for you entitled Chocolate Puri Pan Shots. Pani Puri dipped in melted dark chocolate and filled with chocolate sauce. The filling served along with it is tutti frutti mixed with cashew and a saunf and pan leaf sauce. For some it would be difficult to imagine pani puri with chocolate but trust me on this, this could be the best puri of your life.

Address: Near D.P Jewellers , Opposite Hanuman Temple, Bhopalpura, Udaipur


Heyyy Hazel at The Tick Tock Café

Nutella lovers gather around. Now, did you think that the league will miss the great ‘Nutella’? Heyyy Hazel is a shake bursting with cream and Nutella. The moment you take a sip, it would seem like Nutella is playing in your mouth and at the end of this tall glass, you will just be left craving for more.

Address: 2, Jyoti Nagar, Inside 100 Ft Road, Jain Transport Lane, Udaipur, Shobhagpura, Udaipur


The Marwadi’s

Thick shakes are love, isn’t it? And it is a bit difficult to find a perfect shake with perfect consistency. But don’t worry we have sorted this for you as well. Marwadi’s serve you the best thick chocolate shake that you wouldn’t be able to forget for your entire life. And this little glass of heaven is available in mere 60 bucks. What else do you need more?

Address: Mangalam Fun Square, Durga Nursery Road, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur


Sin by goodfellas at Café Goodfellas

One thing is for sure, these names are as tantalizing as these dishes are. The best thing is kept safely in the last spot of the article. This is a perfect combination of cream, chocolate, Oreos, brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, basically everything that you can ask for. The sweet pleasure that it will give you cannot be described in words.

Address: CA Circle, Sector 14, Near Federal Bank, Hiran Magri, Udaipur


The list is strictly for faithful chocolate lovers. Normal people should keep a safe distance from all these sinfully sweet delicacies or you will end up gaining some unapologetic calories. Did I miss any fantastic chocolate dish here? If you didn’t find your favorite chocolate delicacy above, mention it in the comment section or write to me at

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