COVID-19 Treatment in the city will be divided into 3 categories

COVID-19 Treatment Udaipur

To manage the increasing number of patients of COVID-19, Udaipur City Administration has divided the treatment into three categories – Dedicated Hospital – Care Unit – Health Care Center

MB Hospital will become Dedicated COVID-19 Hospital, ESIC Hospital will be made into Corona Care Unit while Sharma Hospital located at Bhuwana will be prepared as a COVID Care Health Center.

MB Hospital will have about seven hundred and fifty beds available for COVID-19 treatment, while the Corona Ward will continue the treatment for coronavirus the way it has been doing on a regular basis.

Dedicated Hospital – MB Hospital

The Dedicated Hospital will have the following arrangements:

  • Ground Floor – OPD
  • First Floor – Corona Suspect and Stable Cases
  • Second Floor – Corona Suspect Tested Negative
  • Third Floor – Corona Positive and Step Down
  • Fourth Floor Block 1 – Serious Patients
  • Fourth Floor Block 2 – Serious Positive Patients
  • Fourth Block 3 – ICU

Besides, the ILI block will also be used for the treatment of COVID-19

Corona Care Unit – ESIC Hospital

Udaipur’s ESIC Hospital located at Chitrakoot Nagar is now being developed as a Corona Care Unit. The hospital will cater to the patients who are positive and yet asymptomatic. These include the patients who do not show any symptom of illness.

The hospital will be equipped with around 200 to 250 beds. The staff quarters in all six wings of the hospital will be used to keep the patients. Every room will have 2 patients so as to follow the social distancing protocol.

Patients will be provided with TV facility to keep them entertained during their quarantine period. A team of doctors and nursing workers will be available round the clock with a separate staff for each wing.

COVID Care Health Center – Sharma Hospital

The Sharma Hospital Bhuwana is being considered as a COVID Care Health Center. The hospital will cater to patients who need oxygen.

Although it is proposed, some other hospital may also be acquired instead.

Administration along with the Health Department is making all the necessary preparations to lessen the burden of patients on one hospital. The Health Department is engaged in making the arrangements as per the new guidelines.

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