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Do Uniforms make Schools better? Schools Turns out to Be Expensive for Parents’ Pockets

cps imposing kids to buy these shoes

cps imposing kids to buy these shoes

School is the foremost stair of every child’s life to penetrate into this world. Schools facilitate them to learn and to get educated. Parents prefer to admit their child into the best school of their possible ways. But, nowadays there is a lot of competition in the education line. They play various tricks to make out their school quiet poles apart from the other ones. In the race of these, they deploy surplus compulsions on the students. And this load directly or indirectly reaches to the parents.

Schools desire to make available each and every competence which other school is having, so they lift up the monthly fee. They are referring numerous expensive books other than NCERT books recommended by government just to demonstrate that they are providing astonishing schooling. Junior classes are more exaggerated by the problems of expensive books. Students are required to use the Notebooks of the School-Prints only, which are also expensive than the usual notebooks existing in the market.

Now, the main question arises. What about Uniform? Do Uniforms make schools better? Better teaching can do, not the uniform. Schools are forcing students to purchase the uniform at pocket tearing prices. For a Uniform we just think of shirts, pants/skirts, tie, belt and shoes. But, we can see that, in the cost of shoes, we can purchase all other elements of uniform.

One more innovation in this field is made by one of the renowned school of Udaipur – Central Public School to grasp some extra cream from parents. They are providing a shoe pair, which is available only with Adidas. No supplementary brand can be chosen. And for the growing foot, expenditure of 1500/- to 2000/- is not a good choice to make for a middle class family. Although, keeping the price apart, we focus on the thing that what they are teaching the kids about the dress code. We all know that according to the normal formal dress up, with the combo of Shirt-Pant-Tie-Belt, leather shoes are the best match. There is no place for sportswear. Just look at the way they are taking advantages of parents. They are having the counter outlets in the schools only saying that they are available at some discounts, but no one can believe; they are actually giving discounts or they are filling their own pockets. God knows.

Schools have now become ‘Money Making’ rather than ‘Mind Making’. They are earning a good secondary income with all these. But, we also know, Uniforms can’t make the school better or can’t affect child’s academics. They have lost the essence of teaching and moving towards showing off. They are putting more emphasis on these unwanted expensive compulsions rather than imparting good quality education. For good quality education, Parents are ready to pay more if money is for some new education technology/task. But, education is no more prior now. In this expensive world, it is one of the horrible situations.



After hearing complains from many parents and students this post was made and we would be happy to hear if any of the school authorities come forward and reply to this matter through comment or Email Us: is an open platform for the people to contribute if you face any problems or issues related to your City, then come forward and raise your voice. A Small step of yours can impact the Society. 🙂

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  • CPS
    July 27, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    This post just shows how eccentric UB is. Schools want their students to learn, adopt and stay good. Putting up questions on the fact that the shoes are Adidas is just not apt. Infact, its good that the schools are giving a thought on such small elements of uniforms. If parents can’t afford such, they shouldn’t send their children to private schools. Govt provides free uniform, go for them. On one side, you people need the best, world class education and then you can’t afford to spare one extra penny. This simply proves how restricted your thoughts are and that you are bound to stay just like you always are.

  • Professor N.D.Mathur
    July 28, 2013 at 11:02 am

    We do not need a carpet to think better or an Air conditioner or swimming pool to think better.public schools are not for public but for neo rich and elites.Faculty and students are not prime to them.They are imparting modernity with out ethics and moral education.They do not pay good amount to faculty too as they know their supply is in abundance. They fail to understand that good faculty is costly but not as costly as the bad faculty is. Insisting on adidas shoe pair for all the students does not make education inclusive. I am a university professor and have gone to school in sleepers with allpin beneath it as mostly it was broken. But it did not restrict my learning. It was real inclusive teaching those days as son of jaipur collecteo, son of a cabinet minister, son of a clerk or peon.
    Inclusive education is the need of the hour these days to get real education. only then this country can reach commanding heights. we can not afford to have separate ladders for going up and coming down.

  • Ashwin
    July 28, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Dear CPS…
    Did Albert Einstein used to go school wearing Adidas Shoes..?? No… Schools should have uniform so that everyone whether poor or rich looks same..But these schools in the name of uniform are trying to make students wear expensive brands and to earn some cheap bucks into their pocket. This is something very shameful. Rather than tieing up with addidas, if CPS have collaborated with red tape atleast they would have maintained real concept of uniform. Uniform with tie and belt their should be formal shoes, not the costly branded sports shoes. School should be temple of knowledge. But seems CPS main motive is to cultivate status not education. They aim at making brand ambassadors not Albert Einstein or Issac Newton.

  • rajeev kalra
    July 31, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Dear CPS SChool Ji ,

    In these tough competitive times , every parent want their kids to have best of education. For the same , they wish their kids attend the best schools / pvt schools where the level of education is highly better than the government schools . Even parents with lower income strata would like their kids to go to good school and learn the best . And above that parents are trying to fulfill all the demands of their lovely kids who are the bright future of this country. But this shoe thing is little above the head and distracting ( off the beat) that kids ought to wear Black sports shoes and that too just the ADIDAS shoes. Most of the PVT schools have been minting money by such acts i.e by asking students to buy their school dress from one particular shop / or changing the color of Uniform now and then and asking students to buy the uniform from the particular shops ( where the new color is only available at that shop only and he charges a premium price for that). If not the uniform then it could just be a tie , or even socks…. huh . Such cheap stunts have been seen by the parents now and then but just for the sake of their kids they do not raise a voice and keep mum and spend a lot on the dressing stuff and all.
    But this SHOE thing is a new CRAP and not at all a Cheap stunt or a small business idea. Its a nice idea by your school to mint wholesome money from the pockets of parents in the name of Uniformity and discipline. Its time the parents and students all unite together and raise their voice against the money minting PVT Schools who are better in Business then in providing education these days.

  • Deepali
    July 31, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Well said School ji – “Schools want their students to learn, adopt and stay good”. I appreciate it. However, little puzzled how a branded pair of shoes can do this magic?? Forget about the oldies like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, etc I am surprised how Steve Jobs, Steven Hawkins, Warran Buffet, APJ Abul kalam, Ajim Premji, Narayan Murti..etc (list is long I know) survived and excelled. I am sure they must be hiding from the world the brands they wore and accessory they carried. We must know the secret 🙂

    So far the myth was that a better infrastructure (best library, best labs, best teachers, access to latest technologies and information) use to build a strong LEARNING platform, emphasise should be on ADOPTing and adjusting under any circumstances by building kids mental and physical strength, the definition of STAY GOOD means how to behave good with society, surrounding and people around. However, the success mantra lies in wearing a branded shoes, branded clothes, Branded belts, designer bags, books with best paper quality, branded pen, how much money your parents can spend on you etc etc….. These can definitely make them learn, adopt and stay good. I trust before giving attention to small detail such as uniform you must already have excellent teachers, best Labs/library, best technology, best learning system so ultimately no tuitions, outstanding results, a complete revamp of your weak students etc etc…

    Another brilliant suggestion that parents who can’t afford should send their kids to public school reflects a shining mentality – hats off to you. You know you should just change the name of the school call it “Central Private School” – just make it clear to the parents. If they can afford they should come else better go somewhere else. How does it matter that how bright their kid is. You are here do business and not to educate people.

    Ultimately “It’s a changing world and one should focuses on overall appearance and not on amplifying performance”

  • Ravi Raj Sinha
    August 1, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    This article is 100 % MISLEADING and FALSE: I m a student of cps studying in 11th std. and this is a news for me that adidas shoes are compulsory in school …. school have changed uniform this year and have kept sports shoes as a part of uniform for obvious reasons, outdoor sports are compulsory for all students from play group to XII. adidas has put up counter to promote there shoes, but school has put up notices all over that it is not a compulsion to buy adidas shoes and students are free to buy any brand of there choice…the notices are still posted on the walls….also regarding the cost they were not for 2000 rs, the max. was 1200 as told to me similar pattern shoes are avail. in market for 400 – 600 rs too … my recommendation to the person who has written the article to please do little ground work before writing something.

  • Gaurav Choudhary
    August 2, 2013 at 12:00 am

    dear cps ji,
    people are born rich our poor thats not their problm ……and by the way how can you say a good pair of “adidas” shoes will help in better studies. Rather than implementing such useless lifestyles showing eqipments in schools,try to invest some good amount through parents pockets in some better education agenda that will really make your school feel proud.Everybody knows nowadays how these private and trust running schools/institutions are trying to make money even through selling pencils and erasers in school itself …. I think student knows which pencil they want to use if they are going to school .
    Its my humble request to all the schools ,even you are not practising such fundas, keep in mind better education serves your nation not these a branded tag showing thing.


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