Flower Exhibition at Fatehsagar Pal Begins from Tomorrow


This year’s flower exhibition will begin from 25th December and will run for 10 days coming to an end by 3 January 2019. The entire Fatehsagar Pal will be decorated with colorful flowers with which the place will acquire a soothing fragrance.

Source: Twitter

UIT along with other government and non-government bodies have begun the preparation of the exhibition. Both the sides of the pal will be decorated with different species of flowers and will be open for everyone from morning to evening. Apart from watching the beauty of the flowers, citizens will also be able to know about them and Kids coming to the exhibition will be given free flower pots as well.

Flower pots are being prepared with flowers of different species at Saheliyon ki Badi, Gulab Bagh, Rajiv Gandhi Park, etc.

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