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Hi guys many people keep asking me how is created and how to make site/blog like this. 🙂
Here I am with a small tutorial focusing on creating a Simple Blog like

All you need is 2 Things :
Domain and Web Hosting !!

Now what is a Domain ??
Actually domain is the Website name or address. Just like is the domain name

What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting in general word is space for hosting a website over internet in order to make it viewable to other people when someone types the Domain.


Now you need to Buy Web Hosting and Domain. We would recommend you to buy Web Hosting from which will solve all your purpose. Also It is among the cheapest and reliable Web Hosting.


Here I explain you with the proper screenshots to buy the domain and the WebHosting.

  • Goto
  • Click on ‘Get Started’ under the heading ‘MountSpot Web Hosting’.
Click on 'Get Started'

Click on 'Get Started'

  • Now you will see the ‘Shared Hosting’ plans click on Basic Shared Hosting with plans you want to choose

Choose Basic Shared Hosting Plan


  • When you click on Order now in as described above you will be redirected to next page where you will be asked to ‘Register a Domain’. Just type the domain name you want and click on ‘Click to Continue’. When you click on it you will be notified that whether the domain is available or not.
Domain Registration

Domain Registration Page


Domain Name Configuration Page

Domain Name Configuration Page


  • Click on ‘Click to Continue’ and you will be redirected for the page for Confirming your Hosting Plans and details.
Confirming the Hosting Plan

Confirming the Hosting Plan

  •  When you Click on ‘Update Cart’ You will be redirected to final page for confirmation and verification of hosting.
Final Verification of Details

Final Verification of Details


  • Click on ‘Checkout’ and Fill the final details for payment. Their would be 2 Payment mode either by Bank Transfer or Paypal. As most of you won’t be having a paypal account so i would suggest you to choose and make ‘Bank Transfer’.

You will get the confirmation details via email you provide their. Follow up the email and soon after your Payment is confirmed you will receive the ‘Hosting Details’.

When You are done with the steps above you can Email Me ( or connect to Technical Staff at MountSpot. We will guide you with installing the blog script -‘WordPress’ and You will be done with setup of a Blog like 🙂


For All the professionals visit: MountSpot for your desired hosting plans suiting your business 🙂 UdaipurBlog recommends it to you. 😀

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  • Mohit Singh:)
    July 19, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Thanx for the info…:)

  • Deepesh
    July 21, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Dude what is this…….
    the person who is developer never ask this type of question..
    everybody knows what they need in making site.

    and if they dont know and working on coding then i dnt have any word to say for them.
    and maybe they are asking about code.
    btw the page u developed for submitting the mansoon pic competition is not good.
    For improvement in that page i think when u click on submit button their is also a coding want for uploading that file is “uploading” (or something like this).

    u need improvement and problematic thinking.,,,

    • Arun Sharma
      August 6, 2011 at 2:04 am

      Completely agree with you Deepesh!
      What these guys have done is, created a post to promote a web hosting company.
      There are better hosting providers than MountSpot and the article is all different from what the title says.
      The whole article explains how to buy domain and hosting and not, how to build a blog.
      So, it should be better renamed to How to buy a domain and hosting from UdaipurBlog affiliate. Right Sanjit ?

      • Sanjit Chohan
        August 6, 2011 at 10:04 am

        For your Information Arun i haven’t added my or anyone elses Affiliate Link in the Article.
        it directly points to a website which is owned by an Udaipurite. is all about promoting Udaipur People, Udaipur and its Things.

        This Article is for the newbies in the Web World who want to create such site.
        This site is the easiest medium for the Udaipur people to connect to the web hosting provider as he/his team belongs to Udaipur. The people can easily connect to them as they are ready to serve you at any point of time.

        I further mentioned that installing the WordPress and other things on your site we are available for you. We will help you out with it once its done!!

  • Mukesh
    March 1, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    why dont you try
    For it?? is cheapest domain registrar


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