Non-vegetarian? Top places to satisfy your hunger pangs!



It’s tough to be a non-vegan when you can’t find good places to eat out. We know the plight and hence have listed some good places to enjoy and relish the best tastes of non-veg cuisine in Udaipur. Keep your stomach ready as you might feel the need to rush to these places ASAP!


Non Veg Platter

The restaurant is a ‘tribute’ to the legendary horse of Maharana Pratap, Chetak. The place is a mark of respect to the magnificent culture & history of Rajasthan. Sumptuous Non-Veg cuisines and a breath taking view make this a place like no other. The Non-Veg Platter is a must if you happen to dine at Tribute. Accompany it with a glass of your favorite wine and you will surely feel heaven on earth.

Kabab Mistri

Source: JaiSingh Garh

Kebab Mistri is the Restaurant at JaiSingh Garh. If you have some serious non-veg cravings, this place is a must visit for you! The juicy pieces of chicken will fill up your tummy like anything!  Full of spices and grilled to perfection, the tender mutton portions with Peshawari naan is a must try; something you are surely gonna love. In a nutshell, the entire cuisine is lip smacking!



The joint is a well-known name in Udaipur for serving some hot non-vegetarian dishes. Roasted chicken, is one must-eat-dish of the place and can be taken for starters. Mutton masala is one delectable dish and can fill up your main course.  You’re surely going to love the fried chicken, the portion being big enough for four people.


Source: Justdial

Since 1968, Parkview is perhaps the oldest restaurant which has been satisfying the taste buds of people having non-veg. It is a quite famous one when it comes to having a non-vegetarian cuisine. And I am sure you will also love the smell of those authentic spices.

Raghu Mahal

Source: Raghu Mahal

Flames is the restaurant at Raghu Mahal, which is again known for its luscious non-veg cuisine. The tandoori chicken and fish tikka are to die for! If you wish to merge some good cocktails with food, you can go to their bar, Angara Bar.

Lal Bagh

Source: WildJunket

Lal Bagh is Udaipur’s first restaurant focusing on organic ingredients. Their unusual cooking styles bring out flavors in the cuisine which makes it succulent. A lot of people love the food at Lal Bagh, and you’re gonna love it too!

Ambrai Restaurant


Ambrai serves excellent non-veg delicacies to the guests. Amet Haveli (Restaurant Ambrai) is one great spot to dine in that Rajwadi sophistication and enjoying the luscious food.

Zaika Restaurant

Zaika is a takeaway and is running fluently since years. For the masses who do not believe in eating amongst other people, takeaways are the best option. Everything is amazing here and a lot of people already crave for servings here. Zaika surely lives up to its name.


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