[Exclusive Pictures] Chota Madaar Lake Overflowed


Hey Udaipur!! What are your Plans this Weekend ?? If not decided yet then we have an idea.


The Msealed2ain source of water in Fatehsagar i.e the Madar Lake (Chhota) finally overflowed this morning bringing smile on the thirsty faces of Udaipies. As the water continues to come from Madar Lake (Bada) and Swaroop Sagar Link Channel the level of Fatehsagar has now reached near to 8 Ft 🙂

The level of  Madar Lake (bada) has now reached 21 feet.


These places are great to enjoy your weekend for a Picnic Spot

We expect to see the magnificent view of the overflow at Fatehsagar in coming a week or two weeks.

We have got some clicks for you 🙂






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