[Pictures] Valentine Day and Udaipur

While everyone was expressing their Love and Affection on the Valentine’s Day. I got a move around the Udaipur City to know how actually is the Love Day being celebrated. Deen Dayal Park, Rajeev Gandhi Park, Lake Pichola, Fatehsagar lakeside emerged as the favourite hotspot for the Couples to celebrate their Love. While the Gifts and Flowers shop were full of Buyers, Udaipur as usual faced the protest by various Social Groups. Anyways here are the pictures of the Valentine’s Day that I Clicked πŸ™‚




On Behalf of Team UdaipurBlog.com I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you guys enjoyed your day and had a good time with your loved ones.

Valentine Day Flowers

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Yash Sharma


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    1. Did you noticed he smartly captured those taaki sabki details direct na ho jaaye…

      Anyways Jab Pyaar Kiya and Saat Ghoom Rahe hei to Darna Kya πŸ˜›

  1. Nice click yash sharma :))) These people gonna be in trouble πŸ˜› Shiv Sena shame on them people from their own team were also found dating πŸ˜› :))))

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  3. hey guys I think you are the sadist of the lot in Udaipur, just wanna have attention by creating disturbances with people, wtf.

      1. Yash,
        May i know the purpose you solve by taking & posting the pictures of uninformed people in public without their permission for the promotion of your professional blog & also highlighting the moral police and supporting them by blog coverage.

  4. Good Question.
    Mr.Rakesh, the aim behind posting these pictures on blog is very clear,
    I just wanna show that how these Hindu extremist groups are working,
    & How youth is becoming smart & Enjoying the Valentines Day by ignoring these social groups.
    The youth of lakecity is adopting western culture & we are showing this to everyone, whats wrong in this ??
    Try to identify the locations of pictures, all the pictures are clicked at public places, not in thier rooms.
    & let me clear your doubt, We are not using these pictures for the promotion of our blog, as our blog needs no promotion.

  5. Good job buddy…its surprises us tht u did so much for promoting valentine day…people lyk u play main role in spreading the awareness of love…nd thts true ”love kia toa darna kya”everyone has right to live there life independently….:)

      1. Dear Yash,
        It’s not personal, but just tell me, is UB a platform to express the “feeling” of its Team members or is it a professional blog with serious business strategies?
        If you keep telling me that “I don

  6. To Sanjit,
    Boss, i feel UB is being run as per the whims of each of its team members without any joint responsibility.
    Just to quote again from UB about us:
    “It is among the first and only Professional Blog media of Udaipur where Udaipurites can join in and bring about a change and spread a new Fresh Wave of thoughts by contributing their valuable Thoughts and Insights.”
    But what we, the readers of UB feels that:
    “It is among the first and only Non-Professional Blog media of Udaipur where only the team & friends of UB can join in and spread negative thoughts by contributing their own Insights.”
    Awaiting action (and not comments).

    1. I dont see anyone else complaining about the points you are raising. In this case it is your negative perception about Udaipur Blog or its your responsibility (given by some competitors) to let down UB on each article?

      1. We have no comments left for him.. a ‘CA’ who was never found before the ‘SPAM’ article being posted πŸ™‚ is now such an active commenter .. !! Thanks a lot Rakesh Ji, we don’t find anything to reply you back. πŸ™‚ Sorry But thanks a lot for your comments. If you have any suggestions for your Udaipur’s Site .. feel free to drop us email on info@udaipurblog.com . Living in a small town you can surely come down and meet us. Its Udaipur’s Site you are always welcomed to contribute πŸ™‚

        Have a Great Day Sir…

        Sanjit Chohan
        Feel free to call me and let me know your suggestions if you find emailing inconvenient. πŸ™‚

        1. Sanjit,

          how can you say that i am a ca. If you know it by my email id & you are using in public forum for your personal use (where you are claiming that “will not be published”),

          THEN BOSS, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMMER OF UDAIPUR. (who actually cheat the people)

          Tell me IS IT LEGAL that you can use my personal info as an admin of blog for your personal use? If not than I need an explanation and I am very serious about it.

          1. @Rakesh Ji …

            I Just guessed it.. even yash sharma writes himself as dr. just a guess from your email id (Thats true).!!

            I would love to know the place/article/page where i have ever mentioned that your details would never be mentioned/used/sold/bought/sung/danced/played.

            I didn’t buy your details or fetched it without your authorization. By commenting and filling that place of email id in your comments you authorized this BLOG to have your details which is in no case would ever be sold to third party as those financial company’s buy illegaly from other medias.

            Blog media is always open and we always appreciate if you are open with your identity. Anonymous comments are ignored. πŸ™‚

            If you can call me a Scam with no perfect evidence, even i do have a right to speak the way you do. πŸ™‚


      2. Interestingly I feel the same for you Ojal, that its your responsibility to support your friend on ALL the occasions without thinking about it.

        1. Rakeshji,

          The link you provided has an image displaying the number of Scooty. Yash Sharma has taken care to blur images to hide faces and reg. no. of vehicles. BTW Yash has also shared this URL https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.305659656149623.60632.147027465346177&type=1 where he has collected *AWESOME* valentine pics. Why you need to see only one side of the coin, why you haven’t commented on this link?

          And for your information, I dont know Yash, have never met him and dont have him as Facebook friend too. And I have met Sanjit only once, since a year ago. Am not supporting friends blindly. Am just putting forward the views. A man cannot have 100% negative views about anything. He can’t be blind-folded to view all things through similar eyes. Good should be seen as good and Bad should be seen as bad.

          Even am not hiding my identity, you can click on my name, search for my name and you can easily find my info. But I cannot find to which “Rakesh” am talking.

          This makes me believe you are jealous of UB’s popularity and thus wanna divert the followers by highlighting negative facts. If you are a true reader, then you should have highlighted atleast one positive point.

          Ohhh BTW did I say no one invites people to come to UB and post comments, its their will..

          Have a wonderful weekend everyone. πŸ™‚