Student and College life: A Quick Wrap Up of 2010

Students are a direct projection of youth in the city. They can never be avoided. Therefore their every issue affects us directly. We all do remember our movement for establishing an IIT in Udaipur. Past year has also been in headlines due to many reasons. Few of them are mentioned below.

1. MLSU gets its new VC

The most remarkable happening in 2010 for Udaipur was that the city’s own university Mohan Lal Sukhadia University (MLSU) got its Vice Chancellor after a long needy wait. This Year Mr. I.V. Trivedi sworn in as the new VC of the university.

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2. Young leaders on their way

One more remarkable happening for the year was that the student union elections were held after 6 years in Udaipur.

Mr. Dilip Joshi was elected as the president of the student union.

3. Advancement of MG College towards sports

MG sports academy established in the same year in MG College (Meera Girls College). No earlier such organisation was present in the college.

4. University to “ROOM” more brilliance

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot and Mr. C.P. Joshi initiated the foundation and hence the construction of a Youth Hostel in MLSU on 20th June 2010.

5. New career options, in Lakecity itself

MLSU introduced new courses in its curriculum such as M.P.Ed. , yoga, and B.P.Ed. ,for opening new vistas of career options.

6. President’s Udaipur visit

The hon’ble president of India, Mrs Pratibha Patil arrived Udaipur on 22nd December for the inauguration of the National KVK Conference at MLSU, alongwith other dignitaries, Rajasthan’s Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Gehlot, Governor Mr. Shiv Raj Patil, Dr. C.P. Joshi, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sharad Pawar.

7. Rajasthan Technical University amuses people with its results

Rajasthan Technical University, already well known for all sorts of delays in exam conduction and result declaration, came into notice for the controversial B.Tech 3rd semester result. The exams were conducted in Feb 2010 whose results were declared thrice and withdrawn in a short span of time. Even after such a long period for checking and results, it was full of mistakes, such as a person from Udaipur scoring 477 in a subject out of 80 only, thus the scorecard claimed to get the person 113% marks. Few sources inform that another person from Udaipur was passed in a subject, in which he didn’t even appear to write the exam.

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  • Nikhil Varghese
    February 3, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    Nice write up. I am an Assistant Prof. of Finance with Pioneer Institute. I must say, youth in Udaipur require a forum to dicuess and put their views on issues pertaining to the town.

    Appointment of an eminent person like Prof. I V Trivedi as the Vice Chancellor of MLSU is indeed a matter of pride for the entire town. I am sure we will see some very good things from MLSU in the time to come.

    About the RTU engg. results I must say this university is grossly understaffed. Things with RTU can only improve if more staff is recruited. RTU has done some positive things by outsourcing the exam, enrollment process to a Delhi based firm. Lets all hope things improve in the future

    Nikhil VArghese

    • Prasun Bannerjee
      February 10, 2011 at 7:25 pm

      Thanks sir for your valuable comment and update.
      I am sure that MLSU will surely prosper under able guidance of Mr. Trivedi.
      Remaining thing about the RTU topic, it seems that it will take a fairly great time, as I am myself an RTU student.
      The 3rd sem engg. examinations have been delayed for about more than a month this year too, even after the outsourcing


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