Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, February 4, this year, it is perhaps worthwhile to know about the condition of the dreaded disease in the city, the main causes, symptoms, remedies etc.

Facts and Figures about Cancer

The recent figures about the disease are quite alarming, while over 26% of all deaths in India are from heart diseases, 7% are from cancer. Cancer, diabetes, and hypertension account for 35% of all deaths in India. Over 10 Lac new cases of cancer are diagnosed every year in India. Cancer cases in India are likely to increase from around 14 lacs in 2016 to over 17.3 lac by 2020. Deaths due to cancer are projected to go up from 7.36 lac annually to over 8.8 lac by 2020.

According to a recent survey in Rajasthan, there are about 2.5 lac cancer patients in the state and to it every year about 40,000 new patients are dead. It is possible to save about 60% of the patients if treatment starts at an early stage. According to specialists Rajeev Gandhi, Cancer Research Centre New Delhi, the growth of cancer was about 36% twenty years ago but now it has gone up to 65%. Due to the supporting system of chemotherapy, the side effects have gone down. With the new technique, the hospitalization period has become shorter and the tolerance of the medicine has also gone up.

According to Dr. Narendra Rathore, HOD, Cancer Dept., Govt. M.B Hospital, Udaipur, 10 lac people out of about 1.25 lac become victims of cancer and there are 24,000 cancer patients in Udaipur. The figures of cancer patients in Govt. M.B Hospital Udaipur are in the year 2005 (3000 outdoor and 1300 indoor), 2010 (4200 outdoor and 1450 indoor), 2014 (5300 outdoor and 3800 indoor) and up to December 2016 (10,200 outdoor and 8200 indoor). According to Dr. Rathore, cancer of mouth, tongue, uterus, breast, large intestine, liver, prostate, and blood fall into the category of main cancer. In men, the main cancer is in mouth, lungs, and stomach. Thirty percent of cancer is of mouth and neck. Among women the cancer of breast, cervical and large intestine is common out of total cancer patients 28% have cervical cancer.

Last year in Govt. M.B Hospital, Udaipur 30 to 50 cancer patients came in the outdoor radiotherapy dept. daily and there were 30-40 indoor patients. Everyday radiotherapy was given to 60-70 patients in two shifts from 9 am to 7 pm. The patients came from far off places such as tribal areas, Chittorgarh, Bhilwara, Neemach, Mandsaur, and Jawra. Last year a new cobalt therapy machine costing 4 crores was installed with the help of which radiation therapy was given in 1.5 to 2 minutes whereas the old machine took 5-6 minutes.

Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day
Dr. Shankar Vangipuram

According to former Dr. Shankar, Director, Radiation Oncology, Geetanjali Medical College Hospital, Udaipur, cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases. Although there are many kinds of cancer, all cancers start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancer can cause serious illness and death.

What is a Tumour?

A tumor is an abnormal lump or collection of cells, but all tumors are not cancer. Tumours that are not cancer are called benign. Benign tumors can cause problems. They can grow very large and press on healthy organs and tissues. But they can’t grow into (invade) other tissues. So, they also can’t spread to other parts of the body. These tumors are seldom life-threatening.

Signs of Cancer

Talking about early signs of cancer, Dr. Shankar says that they could be new lumps or growths on the skin. A sore or bruise that does not heal, a mole that changes in shape, size or colour or bleeds in unusual circumstances, an ongoing cough or hoarseness that last longer than three weeks, indigestion and difficulty in swallowing, a change in bowel or bladder habits for no good reasons, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss or tiredness and blood anywhere it normally should not be- in urine, bowel motions or from spitting.

What can cause cancer?

In 75% cancer cases, there are modifiable factors such as smoking, obesity, diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, and air or water pollution and in 15% cases, it is due to modifiable factors like infections, ionizing radiation, hormones, occupational factors. Non-modifiable factors like age, sex, race and genetic become the cause the remaining 10% cases. Smoking a main cause of cancer causes 14 types of cancer. The most damaging components of tobacco smoke are tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, oxidizing chemicals, dangerous metals and radioactive compounds. Obesity is another cause of cancer and for safety, one has to do physical activity and set behavioral and diet goals.

The main cancer fighting, foods are strawberries and blackberries, leafy vegetables, garlic, grapes, tomatoes, apple, broccoli, cabbage, tea, and coffee.

Ultraviolet rays from are welding torches and mercury lamps can also cause cancer. Some particles are known as primary particles that are emitted directly from a source such as construction sites, unpaved roads, fields, and fires can also cause cancer. Secondary particles that are formed in complicated reactions in the atmosphere of chemicals such as sulphur-dioxides and nitrogen oxides that are emitted from power plants industries and automobiles can be sources of cancer. Indoor pollution through biological pollutants like molds, bacteria, viruses, and pollen can also cause cancer. Second-hand tobacco smoke when some other is smoking is also dangerous.

Also dangerous are combustion pollutants that come from sources such as fuel burning stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, heaters and water heaters using gas, coal, oil, wood or other fuels Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can enter the homo through cracks in the foundation, floor and walls, drains and other openings is also harmful. So also, asbestos that is present in many products found in the home including roofing’s, floorings etc. Formaldehyde, found primarily in adhesive and bonding materials is also harmful. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation.

Tissues nearest to where the phone used a cell phone for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the head as the phone’s antenna mobilized more glucose than did tissues on the opposite side of the brain. The researchers note that the results were preliminary and possible health outcomes from this increased glucose metabolism were still unknown. Individuals who are concerned about radio frequency exposure can limit their exposure, including using an earpiece and limiting cell phone use, particularly among children.Know What Udaipur’s Cancer Specialist has to Tell You on the World Cancer Day

Concerned about the suffering of cancer patients the Union Govt. is set to roll out a massive door to door screening programme for the early detection of cancer heart disorders and diabetes which account for over 35% of deaths in India. Under the initiative, the Govt. aims at testing over one-third of the population comprising zoo districts across the country in one year. The program is among the preventive- care measures planned by the health ministry and is targeted at people in the age group of 30-69 years, who constitute almost 37% of the total population. This population is highly vulnerable to non-communicable diseases that are responsible for 55% of the premature mortality in the same age group.

Nearer home, realizing the importance of education as an important component of cancer control programmes, Dr. V. Shankar has initiated Cancer Olympiad in Udaipur. It comprises a series of planned activities aimed at educating the youngsters of the various age group to understand cancer and to recognize the initial signs and symptoms of some common cancers. Intra-school competitions include coloring, drawing, poster making, short story writing, slogans, dance, dance drama, skit, quizzes etc. Run for Fight Against Cancer is another event. Dr. Shankar feels that the importance of proper preventive measures and treatment is being realized by Udaipurites.

69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s Scenario

Republic Day, the 69th for the country, is perhaps the best time for stock taking to learn about your achievements and failures. It is worthwhile to know what specialists in areas of school and higher education, medical and healthcare, media, folk culture and social change have to say on this occasion, says a reputed teacher and educationist K.V Jose. Education has been the most widely discussed subject in our country. To do so, there are seminars, meetings, and debates. Several committees, commissions have come out with their findings and recommendations. However, the scenario is not what it should have been.

69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s Scenario
The 69th Republic Day of India • Credits: Fouzia Mirza

The school education, especially in rural areas suffers from serious systematic lacunae. The spread of education in our country quantitively is quite encouraging. There is more than five times increase in primary schools for the age group of 6 to 14 with an enrolment of over 90% eligible children. The number of secondary and senior secondary schools and students has also risen multi-fold. To regulate and monitor education various agencies like National Council of Education Research and Training and State Boards of Education have also been set up. The right to education act gives the right to all children for free basic education. The number of literates has also gone up. However, quality wise we are far behind even some of our as in neighbors, so also in infrastructure. We still have the largest number of illiterates in the world. There is inadequate vocationalization in education. Education is degree oriented and so there is educated unemployment. Significant gender bias in opportunities for education exists. Lack of education opportunities in rural areas can be seen. A govt. commitment to spend at least 6% of GDP on education has never been fulfilled.

In the opinion of Dr. D. M. Mathur, former HOD, Psychiatry, RNT Medical College, Udaipur, the country has witnessed great success in health and medical care like other nations worldwide. We have applied the latest methods for fighting diseases. Indian medical researchers working in their country and some devising those in other countries have been instrumental in the latest equipment and discovering medicines and vaccines to fight against dreaded diseases like cancer, aids and viral infection identified in the last few years.69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s Scenario

Surgeries are now possible without large incisions through laparoscopes, obviating the need for blood transfusions, longer hospitalization and work loss. The joints are replaced with micro-perfection aided by computers and open-heart surgeries even for small children are very common. Twins joined to each other are being successfully separated to live independent lives. In the laboratories the genes carrying specific disease and corrected before the appearance of the problems. Micro-particles called Nano-particles are now available to carry investigative objects and drugs to hitherto inaccessible parts of the body to diagnose and treat the ailments. However, adds Dr. Mathur, all the advances made in other countries have taken a long time to benefit the people of India. Only through the policy of open market and increased number of tie-ups between the advanced countries like UK, USA, Japan, and China, we would be able to get the new technology, medicines, equipment, and vaccines soon after their discovery. Unaffordable cost and delivery system failures keep them restricted to people of metro and big cities and the huge rural folk is deprived of them. All of us have to take necessary steps to make medical facilities available to the rich and the poor alike.

To review the overall picture of success and failure, we have to take into consideration various aspects of physical, mental, socio-economical, psychological, economic and political, says Dr. Gayatri Tiwari, Scientist and National Technical Coordination College of Home Science and MPUAT, Udaipur. While talking of achievements we should take into consideration, the challenges that India had to face at the time of its birth. 69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s ScenarioAlthough we have crossed many milestones in the field of employment, science and technology industry, agriculture etc we still lag behind in the topmost requirements for social up-liftmen viz family wellbeing. We are on the edge of losing our age-old traditions, culture and moral values that are clearly revealed by the ever-increasing graph of broken homes, suicides, crimes against women and children, corruption and the like. It is a bitter truth that we are living in a society where all relations are maintained by a head and not a heart. Those guided by the head believe in logical and profit and loss aspects whereas those who listen to the heart are influenced by affective domain and for the emotions and feelings are important.

In the opinion of Dr. Manju Pandey, co-coordinator, media Seva Mandir, Udaipur, after about seven decades of becoming a republic, we have progressed in several physical aspects. However, much is still to be done in making ourselves strong in thinking freely and frankly. After Independence, due to urbanization, big malls came up and new gadgets were made. There has been good progress but it has been limited only to a few. There is an urgent need to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, As Abraham Lincoln has said democracy is, for, of and by the people. Everyone in the country has to be treated equally. And this is where our country lags behind. Efforts will have to make on the ground level to empower people and parameters defined for their all-round development.

69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s ScenarioPandey says that after Independence much has been achieved by women in various fields. They have been given opportunities come out of homes and share responsibilities in several areas. However, this applies only to educated women and illiterate laborers are still being ignored. They are not getting adequate payment for their labor and their safety is not being fully insured. All this is due to our mental attitude.

One area in which we have made much progress is hospitality business that has provided employment and opportunity to a huge number of young men and women. Homestay and paying guests houses need more encouragement. Women, who form half of the country’s population, have to be empowered economically socially and politically to enable them to contribute fully to the progress of the nation.

An authority on folk culture Dr. Mahendra Bhanawat says that in pre-Independence days different kinds of folk artists of different communities used to entertain their Yajmaan’s on occasions such as festivals, and celebration of ‘Sanskars’ like marriages to earn their livelihood. Due to changes in these traditions, the artists now find it difficult to survive. In the hour of their need, Devilal Samar, who founded Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal took up the work of preserving developing and promotion of the folk arts and culture. The research section of the Mandal was strengthened and the artists were contacted and recording photography was done. Soon training camps for artists were organized in Bedla Rao’s palaces in which participated artists from ‘dhanis’ and villages from all over Rajasthan. The family of Nathu of Nagaur who came to attend a camp was kept in Kala Mandal and through the intricacies of Amar Singh Rathore ‘Khayal’ (play). ‘Khayal’ named Mughal Durbar was prepared. The troupe’s presentation of this ‘dhaga putli’ puppet play in the international festival in Rumania won the highest award and made this art world famous.69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s Scenario

Seminars, festivals like folk songs samaroh, ‘lokranjan samaroh’ ‘kathputlhi samaroh’ night long ‘tamasha’ and ‘khayal’ programs etc. were organized to create awareness about these art forms in the public. A folk-art museum was set up, so also a training center. The exhibition section organized exhibition all over the world. The publication department came out with several publications to bring to light the hidden aspects of folk culture. A magazine was also started.

Backed by his deep study and rich experience of folk culture. Bhanawat thought about several issues such as the need of change in form of these arts in the changing conditions and its extent the role of artists themselves in the process of change and the imposition of any change. Bhanawat says that on one hand, he feels satisfied to some extent with his own contribution to the conservation and promotion of folk culture. However, he feels strongly that all out efforts are to be made in time otherwise this rich heritage of the country is likely to be lost forever.

According to Dr. Rakshit Ameta, professor of Chemistry, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur there have been tremendous advances in the field of higher education in our country in the last seven decades. The number of central universities, state universities, and deemed universities has gone up considerably. So, has the number of colleges and other institutions of higher education. The number of colleges and other institutions of higher education the number of students in general, medical, engineering and technical colleges and other institutions of technology, Indian Institutes of Management, Indian Council for Medical Research, Agriculture Research Institute, Indian Council of Technical Education, Indian Statistical Institute, National Physical Laboratory, National Chemical Laboratory etc. have been opened. Women Education Council has been set up to give technical education to women. University grants commission is the main funding authority for university education. It also frames rules and regulations regarding higher education in the country.69th Republic Day: Have A Look at What Udaipur Has to Say About Today’s Scenario

Ameta is of the opinion that we have had a phenomenal progress as far as quantitative expansion is concerned. However, much more emphasis has to be laid on the quality of education being imparted in our country. For this, the curricula have to revamped especially with a closer interface with industries and business. Education that is keeping with needs of employees is bound to make its products more employable. Priority is to be given more to research that helps in the development of the country.

India has taken big strides but yet we have miles to go.

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App

Read the name ‘ActionUdaipur’? Know what it is 

What is Action Udaipur?

An initiative by the district administration of Udaipur to give power to the citizens to turn their ideas into action, ActionUdaipur is a dais for people to accomplish activities for the improvement of their society, community or the city. The main aim of ActionUdaipur is to encourage the citizens’ contribution towards the growth and betterment of the city.

One can email suggestions at

ActionUdaipur Application for Mobile Phones

In order to have a smooth functioning of the campaign of ActionUdaipur, it launched a mobile application on 2nd September 2015 with the help of district administration.

The motto of the campaign is ‘Clean Udaipur, Healthy Udaipur, Beautiful Udaipur’.

This is a one of its kind initiative taken in India by the Udaipur District Administration to keep the city clean and beautiful. With the help of ActionUdaipur App, one can help to keep Udaipur district clean and garbage free.

Steps for using the ActionUdaipur App

After downloading it from the PlayStore (for Android) or AppStore (for iPhones) you just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

If you see any unclean place around, you need to undertake the following steps:
  • Click 2 photos
  • Keep them in your gallery
  • Click on the Civic Complain option (which is the first option on the homepage of the Application)
  • Once opened, fill in the required fields like Name, Gender etc
  • Upload the two pictures you have taken
  • You can send or save your issue
  • For sending it to the authorities, click on the Send option.


  1. Your Complaint will be registered on the central server.
  2. Your location will be taken automatically using GPS.
  3. Registered complaint will be monitored by the Udaipur district administration.

With The Help Of Actionudaipur App, You Can Register The Following:

Problems Related to
  • Garbage (Garbage near Home/Garbage in Society/Garbage at Public Places)
  • Water (Contaminated Water/Water Leakage/No Water/Insufficient Water)
  • Streetlight (Streetlight not working/Streetlight not available)
  • Drainage
  • No Drainage Cover/ Drainage Cover Open /Drainage line Choke up/ Leakage in Drainage line
  • Epidemic/Community Health Increasing Dengue cases/ Increasing Malaria cases/ Increasing Jaundice cases/ Increasing Typhoid cases/ Increasing Cholera cases/Food Poisoning
  • Illegal Hoardings
  • Food Adulteration
  • Dirtiness in Public Toilets
  • Dead Animal
  • Fallen Trees/ Hoardings
  • Mosquito Breeding

An Initiative by Udaipur District Administration to keep Udaipur Clean.

Other than Civic Complain there is an option of Janbhagadari, which will help citizen to give their time to keep Udaipur clean. In addition to these, you can view JanBhagidari Approval. Stay fit, Go Organic, Action Udaipur Gallery, CSR, Event List, Help, Smart City, Start-Up Udaipur, and Ongoing City Projects are other options on the App that can be utilized for specific purposes.

My Experience over Filing a Civic Complaint on Actionudaipur App

My experience with the ActionUdaipur App went decent. I live in an area which is close to Sisarma rural zone, quite far from the actual city hub. The problem involved was of garbage. There was no garbage dumping area or cleaning in our area. No government sweeper came to clean up the colony. After some time, the garbage accumulated started breeding bacteria and very foul smell aroused from the same.

What I did was simply downloaded the App from the Play Store and took two photographs of the garbage heap. Filled in the required fields, uploaded the pictures and clicked on send.

The required fields are mentioned in the screenshots I took to keep a track of things. Have a look.

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
Screenshot of the start of the App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
Homepage of the App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App


Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App

Turn Your Ideas Into Action: My experience of using ActionUdaipur App
On successful registering the complaint

I was waiting to get any call or message from ActionUdaipur but unfortunately didn’t receive anything of that sort. Well, after a week I thought this is not going to work. On the 10th day of filing the complaint, a person turned up in my locality asking for me. He told that he shall take care of the dumping and that he is there only to have a look on the complaint’s status. After 3 days of his visit, a cleaner with a vehicle came and took all the trash from the place and cleaned the area.

I had a mixed feeling about the action by ActionUdaipur. Anyway, they did resolve the problem for the time being.  Take a look on the after and before pictures of my area.

ActionUdaipur App
after and before of the location

Tell us how your experience was by using the ActionUdaipur App in the comment section below.

You can also visit their website  for any other query.

फतह सागर: कहाँ से आये इतने मछ्छर!

आप में से कई लोगों ने पिछले कुछ दिनों से फतह सागर की पाल पर गाड़ी चलाते वक़्त मछ्छरों को खुदसे टकराता हुआ पाया होगा. ये झुण्ड कभी चालक की आँखों तो कभी मुँह में चले जाते हैं जिससे यहाँ दिनभर की थकान मिटाने के लिए आने वाले उदयपुरवासियों को और इस विश्व प्रसिद्ध झील की खूबसूरती निहारने पहुँचे पर्यटकों को काफी परेशानी का सामना करना पड़ रहा है.



जब हमने इसका कारण जानना चाहा तो पाया की झील के पानी में कई जगह गन्दगी का अम्बार लगा हुआ है जिसकी सफाई की सुध लेने वाला कोई नहीं है. यही गंदगी इन मछ्छरों के पनपने और पोषित होने का स्थान बनी हुई है. एक और जहां पुलिस पाल किनारे पार्किंग और झील किनारे गन्दगी को रोकने के लिए पूरा अभियान चला चुकी है और आये दिनवाटर स्पोर्ट्स को विकसित करने के नए-नए तरीके सुझाये जा रहे हैं; उसी दौरान प्रशासन की इतनी लापरवाही ना सिर्फ उदयपुरवासियों को परेशान कर रही है बल्कि बाहर से आने वाले पर्यटकों को भी गलत सन्देश देकर लौटा रही है.
हरे-भरे पहाडों के बीच फव्वारों और उद्यानों से सुसृजित झील के अति सौन्दर्यपूर्ण रूप में किनारों पर ऐसी गन्दगी आगंतुकों को कुछ खटकती नहीं है.
हम संपूर्ण उदयपुर की तरफ से निवेदन करते हैं की ये कार्य चाहे जिस किसी भी विभाग के अंतर्गत हो, वे जनहित में शीघ्र से शीघ्र झील की सफाई की और ध्यान दे. हम नहीं चाहेंगे की राष्ट्रीय मीडिया में हमारे सुन्दर शहर के पर्यटन गढ़ की देश के समक्ष ऐसी बात को लेकर कोई आलोचना हो.

 फोटो एवं विडियो: यश शर्मा

Hotel Aashiya Haveli Bags 2012 TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence



 Hotel Aashiya Haveli, a heritage building situated on the eastern bank of famous Lake Pichhola, today announced that it has received a Trip Advisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honours hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Approximately 10 percent of accommodations listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travellers on TripAdvisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.

“Hotel Aashiya Haveli is pleased to receive a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence,” said Mr. Satya Dev Singh Aashiya, GM at Hotel Aashiya Haveli. “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveller reviews on TripAdvisor. At this point, I would like to greet a special thanks to our Information Technology Partners at IT0091 Consultancy Services. The team has been awesome there to support us for all our I.T. needs. I found them best in the industry and they have immeasurable share in this success.”

“TripAdvisor is pleased to honor exceptional businesses for consistent excellence, as reviewed by travellers on the site,” said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business. “The Certificate of Excellence award gives highly rated establishments around the world the recognition they deserve. From exceptional accommodations in Beijing to remarkable restaurants in Boston, we want to applaud these businesses for offering TripAdvisor travellers a great customer experience.”

About the Hotel:

Aashiya Haveli, situated on the eastern bank of famous Lake Pichhola, which has been in the Aashiya family for over 224 years. It was the urban house for the Aashiya family. In 2006, the family began renovation work and within two and half years, Aashiya Haveli opened with all modern amenities for guests with pure vegetarian food, where even Eggs are not served. Aashiya Haveli is now one of the Traditional Hotels in Udaipur, and is solely managed and run by the original family.

When you enter this beautiful “haveli”, you realize immediately that you have found the perfect haven to restore your travel weary spirit. Soft cream-colored walls and Greenery is displayed in the lovely wi-fi courtyard and also on all levels of the haveli. The family and staff are committed to serving you and making your stay comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. It is an ancestral “HAVELI” and we keep the traditions of ages alive. The thrust is on aboriginal Indian culture and providing perfect homely environment to make your stay eternally memorable in Udaipur.

About TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor® is the world’s largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools. TripAdvisor-branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with over 60 million reviews and opinions. The sites operate in 30 countries worldwide, including China. TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to TripAdvisor’s millions of monthly visitors.


Press Release

Welcoming The Season Of Hibernation – The Season Of Silent Love.

Hands in hands, a long walk along the pal of fatehsagar, shivering by the frosty breeze, holding a kulhad of hot sipping coffee and relishing soft romantic music in my ears.

It is a way to rejoice yourself in this chilling season.

For now, it was a day dream, I am sitting in the balcony of my room, fully loaded with sweater, scarf and socks, holding a large mug of coffee in my hands and earpieces plugged in my ears, eyes closed and dreaming of that fatehsagar scene.

Here I am. I am welcoming winters in my balcony, in my own way.


Usually not so wintry Udaipur, this time observing a much drop of temperature, a sudden thrush of cold breeze.

Winters….the cold season of the year, with icy shivering breeze and early morning dews. This is the most beautiful time, from November to February, when one can observe and silently feel the charming beauty which nature has given to us; it’s beautiful from one morning till next morning. For early morning we are provided by fog and mist, then mild warm rising sun which gives golden shade to the fallen drops of dew on the green flora.

It is the mausam to enjoy Gajar ka Halwa, Bajre ki Raab, Garma Garam Pakode, and various types of soups from our mother’s kitchen, the time to wander out on the streets to add the taste of Rewadi n Gud (Jaggery) Mungfali Chakki to our tongue, studying hard for our exams in the blankets, and to rejoice the perfect silent mode of nature. To add up, nature has given us a different swing of taste, grapes and oranges are the winter fruits.

But unfortunately, on the other hand of this seasonal celebration, there are many people for whom this biting cold brings  suffering; they are not the part of our enjoyment, they don’t have proper clothes to wear, no food and no shelter. This is an unfair part of our society that they are suffering and we are celebrating.

So udaipurities, prove your humanity, donate your old wears and some food to the needy people, so as to compensate their suffering to a little extent.

And in this way, with the new resolution in our life, we will be cherishing this cold season in a much better way.



Wishing you all a very happy and healthy winters.

LakeCity Carnival – An Event You Cant Miss

Lakecity Carnival Udaipur

Overflowing Lakes, greenery far and wide, countless number of tourists & intense joyful beauty everywhere. All this truly resembles Udaipur- the Venice of East & a real paradise on Earth. It feels like there should be no end to this extreme joy and pleasure. But miserably the time passes. Thus, to make these moments Unforgettable, this time we are going to have an immense celebration in our city Udaipur. Yeah! You read that right. The First ever Lake City Carnival organized by Dainik Bhaskar corp. and Oriental resorts is soon to be held. Although the date has not been finalized however a Few days ago, Dainik Bhaskar Udaipur proudly announced the launch of “LAKE CITY CARNIVAL” as part of “World Tourism Day” (celebrated today on 27-Sep-10).


What is a Carnival?

Carnival basically means public revelling that includes music, dance or performance. It can also be called as a festival marked by merrymaking and processions. It is characterized mainly by decorated Floats depicting the thematic expositions from science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions or any other aspect of life that attracts and entertains people.

About the Carnival:


After the enormous success of Events like Marathon Walk, DBPL Cricket Tournament, Summer Camp, Film Festivals, Teacher’s Day and DMD (Dance Mewar Dance) now, Dainik Bhaskar – India’s leading print media is Organizing Lake city Carnival.

The CARNIVAL shall comprise of 50+ exclusive and exquisitely decorated Floats depicting the widest range of thematic expositions be it from science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions or any other aspect of life that attracts and entertains people.

The celebration in all its grandeur shall traverse across some of the most prominent parts of our beautiful city attracting one and all to participate and witness the visual delight.

Street plays, songs, dances, and skits will be performed all along the marked route covering the city culminating at an open area, before an enthusiastic & jubilant crowd. Fire works, Mashals and lamps floated in the lake will be the fitting finale to the event.

Eminent personalities will be invited to grace the occasion and judge performances of the competitors and announce winners. Award will be given to best performers.

Award categories in the Carnival:

  • 1st Prize : 51,000 cash
  • 2nd Prize: 21,000
  • 3rd Prize: 11,000
  • And three consolation Prizes of 5100 each.


Who can participate?

Dainik Bhaskar corp. invites All Entertainment groups to partake in this prestigious Event through various participating options available.

Groups related to science, art, culture, dance, drama, music, television, sports, history, heritage, statehood, nationality, folklore, custom & traditions or any other aspect of life that attracts and entertains people can participate in the event.

For registering & more details Contact:,


Organizers, Supporters & Sponsors:


Organizers: Dainik Bhaskar Group – India’s leading print media

Main Sponsor: Oriental Resorts (A Unit of Gattani Group).

Co-Sponsors: Vedanta – Hindustan Zinc, GMCH -Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital.

Supporters: Paschim Kshetra Sanskritik Kendra, Udaipur

Online Supporters:

Also Udaipur Chamber of Commerce & Industry in particular and the proposed tie-ups with, Udaipur Nagar NIGAM seva, the Administration and other prominent business houses and brands – all of this will lend immense pride and credence to the Carnival.





Carnival Route Map:

Carnival Route


Key Attractions:


  • Udaipur – My City my first love
  • Spirit of Rajasthan
  • The Venice of east.
  • Global World – Environment protection
  • Festivals of Rajasthan
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Art, Music, Dance & Drama
  • Sports etc…
  • Participation of  PSUs’ Banks, Corporate ,Industry & Business Houses of Udaipur
    • Animation & Life-size characters
    • Stick Walkers & Street Show-makers
    • Jokers, Cartoons, Animal caricatures
    • Air balloons & Mascots
    • Fancy dress participants
    • DJ & Live Music with orchestra on Floats
    • Dance & Live Show Performances etc.

The magnitude and scale on which this Event is being organized, “LAKE CITY CARNIVAL” in all it’s grandeur is poised to make a huge impact on the city and its people. The patronage this EVENT derives from the Dainik Bhaskar Group, all Sponsors, supporters and others.

We Invite and Advice you to participate and attend the First ever Carnival in the History of Udaipur. Make sure you don’t miss the prestigious & joyful Event of the City.

Being the Online Supporter of The Lake city Carnival all the details regarding the Carnival will be exclusively featured on the Site regularly.

For more info keep reading Dainik Bhaskar & Your

Lake Fatehsagar Overflows 2010

The Much Awaited Movement of This Year or Maybe called as the wait of Past 4 Years Just took Place Today 🙂

Yeaahhh…!!! FatehSagar Lake(FS) Overflowed today with a Good Rain in Udaipur and Nearby Catchment Areas From Past Few Weeks..

It was A Cloudy Day this Morning and Was Expected day for an Overflow of FatehSagar and Around 1.00 pm Today The Gates of FatehSagar were opened 1 Inch.

UdaipurBlog Team Congrats All Udaipur Lovers and UdaipurBlog Readers.. May This Rainfall Last For More Time and Overflow Continues 🙂 😀

Here Are Some Pictures UdaipurBlog Recieved By Its Readers Enjoy 🙂

Fatehsagar udaipur Overflows

Fategsagar Today Overflows udaipur

Fatesagar Overflows 2010

FatehSagar Overflows

Dainik Bhaskar

Thanks to Archit Kataria, Monika Jain and For the Clicks 🙂

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Here are 2 Videos Clicked By Me Today :

We will Keep Uploading the Photos of Your Loved Lake Now and Then 🙂 😀 Enjoy .. Udaipur Rocks

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Once Again FLU(s) Knock Our Udaipur

swine flu udaipur

Seems like the CLOUDS OF BAD DAYS are back for OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY. Feels a little strange no?? So what u think that can be?? Exactly, as the HEADING INDICATES it’s the RETURN OF FLU(s) (aka influenza). It’s a year back story, bloody swine better known as SWINE FLU (H1N1Virus) ruined thousands of lives all over the COUNTRY including our city UDAIPUR. And the BAD NEWS is IT’S BACK!! ya, u heard that RIGHT it is back, but this time the much dreadful news is with SWINE FLU there are TWO more FLU’S in the CITY and these are EYE FLU(aka conjunctivitis and pink eye) and BIRD FLU. Although BIRD FLU is not much spread in the city premises but can be seen in areas nearby UDAIPUR, so resting on tenterhooks (looking positively) we will discuss the details shortly (when required) with an UPDATE. This time our old adversary SWINE FLU is accompanied by two other deteriorating infectious diseases EYE FLU and BIRD FLU.

Everyone might have heard about the RAPID INCREASE in CASES of these EVIL diseases. This time again SWINE FLU is on its imperiling heights. One can easily see many SEVERE cases of SWINE FLU round the city.

According to a well known newspaper on September 3, 2010

(Dainik Bhaskar):
164 patients in the district so far are tested. Of these 4 patients died, 57 are confirmed and the screening is still going on. APPROXIMATELY 30 teams have been declared by the government for screening purposes all over Udaipur. These teams are screening in different 56 wards (city division in blocks).

As the name indicates FLU (aka influenza) are highly infectious diseases that cause fever, chills, cough, body aches, headaches, and sometimes ear aches and even sinus problems etc. The flu is caused by the influenza VIRUS (small infectious agent). As my personal experience most of the people suffering from these infectious diseases comes under the age group of 13-35 i.e. the YOUTH. My request to the YOUTH through this article is, please go through it and learn the basic contents of these diseases. Ponder the context and instructions for the betterment of yourself and the people nearby you. So Let me explain you briefly about the CAUSE(s), SYMPTOMS, PRECAUTIONS and TREATMENT (RECOMMENDED by a DOCTOR) of these infectious diseases briefly.

Let me firstly start with the most vulnerable and known disease nowadays:

Swine FLu Udaipur


ORIGIN (source/cause): Particularly it is a disease of pigs. It is a highly contagious respiratory disease caused by one of many Influenza A viruses. Most commonly, swine flu is of the H1N1 influenza subtype. However, they can sometimes come from the other types, such as H1N2, H3N1, and H3N2. The current outbreak of swine flu that has infected humans is of the H1N1 type. Basically Transmission of the virus from pigs to humans causes the disease. Transmission either takes place from contact with infected pigs (most common way) and from contact with infected humans (much less common way).


They are similar to those of regular flu, and include:

  • Body aches
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • fever (Temperature)
  • Tiredness (fatigue)
  • Diarrhea (less common)
  • Vomiting (less common) etc.


  • Wash your hands regularly with soap,
  • Try to stay healthy,
  • Get plenty of sleep,
  • Do plenty of exercise,
  • Try to manage your stress ,
  • Drink plenty of liquids ,
  • Eat a well balanced diet,
  • Refrain from touching surfaces which may have the virus ,
  • Do not get close to people who are sick Stay away from crowded areas if there is a swine flu outbreak in your area etc.



Let me provide you a little FACTUAL INFORMATION about treatment of SWINEFLU ::
[There are drugs and vaccines around, that can effectively treat swine flu infection in humans (and many types of flu infections in humans). There are two main types: adamantanes (amantadine and remantadine) and inhibitors of influenza neuraminidase (oseltamivir and zanamivir). Beside drugs, supportive care at home or in hospital, focuses on controlling fevers, relieving pain and maintaining fluid balance, as well as identifying and treating any secondary infections or other medical problems can also be helpful.]

DON”T WORRY:: the majority of people infected with the virus make a full recovery if reported at the right time so BE AWARE and TAKE CARE !!


These days next to SWINE FLU the second most infectious ailment in the city is EYEFLU. One can easily see people suffering from EYEFLU (aka conjunctivitis and pink eye) in the city without much care for them and the other people. Even some of them are unaware to the INCONCIEVABLE

So now let’s discuss about the second most infectious ailment in the city i.e.

Eye Flu Udaipur


ORIGIN (source/cause): The infection occurring in the conjunctiva (that lines the eyelid is called conjunctivitis) mostly occurs due to an allergic reaction or an infection. The inflammation that results from it causes swelling of the small blood vessels, which, in turn, gives a pink or red cast to the white portion of the eyes. It’s a highly contagious disease. It can spread from one person to other through direct contact.

Some of the MAIN CAUSES OF EYE FLU are:

  • Direct contact with an infected person,
  • Overcrowding,
  • Unhygienic surroundings,
  • Eyestrain,
  • Bacteria,
  • Virus,
  • Irritating substance or material in the eyes,
  • Allergies,
  • Environmental factors, such as smoke, dust, or pollen and


  • Eyes turn reddish,
  • Itching in the eyes ,
  • Watery secretion from the eyes ,
  • Pus formation in the eyes ,
  • Redness in the white of the eye or inner eyelid ,
  • Increased amount of tears ,
  • Thick yellow discharge from the eyes, which crusts over the eyelashes, especially after sleep,
  • Green or white discharge from the eye ,
  • Burning eyes,
  • Blurred vision ,
  • Increased sensitivity to light and Inflamed eyes etc.


  • Do not share towels, handkerchiefs, linen, pillows, sunglasses (etc),
  • Avoid shaking hands on physical contact with an infected person,
  • Patients should wear dark glasses,
  • Wash eyes and hands frequently,
  • Medicines are ineffective if it is due to a viral infection and
  • Consult your doctor and use medicines under his supervision etc.



Let me provide you a little FACTUAL INFORMATION about treatment of EYEFLU::

[Its medication can be a mix of prescribed and over the counter medicines. For bacterial infections doctors generally prescribe antibiotics to attack the bacteria. The medication can be delivered in varieties like eye drops or ointments that are applied to the eyes for a few days. Pink eye (eye flu) caused by allergies can be solved with allergy eye drops like Patanol. Patanol is one solution that has been proven to be effective in preventing pink eye caused by allergies with just 2 drops a day. It is safe according to the manufacturer for kids over the age of three. Other medication with antihistamines Recommended by a professional, can include anything from liquid to pill state. (Also, for relieving discharge, warm compresses are great for removing the sticky residue as well as the crusty, dried portions around the eyes).]

As mentioned above, at present we are not discussing BIRD FLU as there are no heard cases about the disease in the CITY. An UPDATE about the details of BIRD FLU will be soon posted if required.

This was all about FLU(s)…

In MY OPINION, A little AWARENESS and CARE can be helpful and safeguard you from these life threatening diseases. So live AWARE and ALERT!!!


Note: Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a health care professional.

Update (September 19, 2010):


The number of flu cases in Udaipur continues to rise at an alarming pace, so far with increasing number of deaths (due to Swine flu) from different parts of city 2 more died on September 17, including a 8 month pregnant women. All deaths have been reported in less than a month – from September 2 to 19. More or less  Eye Flu has also been spread to whole Udaipur.

According to a well known newspaper (Dainik Bhaskar) On September 19, 2010 a Total of 123 patients had been confirmed swine Flu positive in city MB Hospital while astonishingly12,000 Eye Flu drops are being sold daily in the city.

With rapid increase of these diseases in the city, we got some shocking news from our source(s) regarding the unavailability of certain recommended conveniences for the patients in the Swine Flu ward of MB Hospital like Fumigation and to provide defending mask(s) for the relatives of the patients. Fumigation is a process in which disinfectant is spread in the form of smoke and vapors to disinfect the surroundings from microorganisms so that the well beings approaching the surroundings does not get affected from the disease(s). Fumigation has been weekly recommended in the Swine Flu labs and wards but is being completely neglected in MB Hospital.

Defending mask(s) are also crucially important for safety of well beings, still the hospital administration is not intriguing all these steps seriously which will consequently lead to severe increase in spread of  such diseases.

We again request everyone to adopt precautionary measures like washing hands frequently and avoiding contact with persons having flu like symptoms. For more info read Precautions suggested above in the article for prevention from these diseases.

Be Aware & Take Care!!!

Janmashtami and Teachers Day Celebration In St. Anthony’s, Hiran Magri

Fancy Dress

Today, Janmashtami and Teachers Day Celebration Was Held in St. Anthony’s Senior Secondary School, Hiran Magri.  Primary Class Students had a Fancy Dress Competition alongwith Teacher’s Day Celebration where all the Teachers and The Staff Members of the School were Presented with Gifts. It was a Joyous Atmosphere in the Whole School. 🙂

Thanks to Vice PrincipalMrs. Jessy D’souza for providing us with all these Photographs of The Celebration held at School. She Also Extend her Wishes to All The UdaipurBlog Readers On The Occasion of Janmashtami and The Arriving Teacher’s Day. 🙂