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Top 5 free things to do in Udaipur

The city of lakes is a tourist hub and has a lot to offer for people who love to explore and travel. This is a beginner’s guide for any traveller or tourist who wishes to visit Udaipur. Here are top 5 free things to do in Udaipur.

1. Begin your day by visiting Jagdish temple-

Nothing better than starting your day by visiting Jagdish Temple and paying respect to God. Located in the heart of the city, Jagdish temple is another architectural wonder by the Mewar Dynasty and is probably the most famous and oldest temple in the city. The temple stands tall at 79 ft high and gives the most stunning view of the old city. One should not miss the Aarti that takes place at every sunrise and sunset.


4:15am to 1pm.

5:15pm to 8pm.

Jagdish temple

2. Roaming around the local market-

A visit to a local market in the old city can be a perfect and altogether different experience for all the tourists and backpackers. The local market represents the tradition and rich culture of Mewar. The famous shopping items that can exclusively be found in old city market are handicrafts, paintings, leather products, journals, and diaries.

You can visit the local market at Hathi pole bazaar, Bada Bazaar, and Jagdish Temple street.

source: Travel triangle

3. Visit lake Pichola and Ambrai Ghat-

Undoubtedly, the most visited place in Udaipur by the tourists, Lake Pichola is surrounded by hills, magnificent temples and hotels. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset and alluring city lights.

Situated on the banks of Lake Pichola, Ambrai Ghat is a paradise for photographers. The best thing about Ambrai Ghat is that it gives the best view of the city from every direction. The place is often crowded on weekends. Best time to visit Ambrai Ghat is during sunset.

source: TripAdvisor
sunset view from ambrai ghat

4. Evening walk at Gulab Bagh Garden-

Spread over 100 acres of land, Gulab Bagh garden is the largest garden of Udaipur and it is heaven for all flora lovers. Approximately 3000 people visit the garden every day. There are dozens of activities one can do in the Garden. The best time to visit Gulab Bagh is during early morning or evening as the temperatures are comparatively cooler.

For all the avid readers, you can visit the historic Saraswati Bhawan library.

Gulab bagh garden and Saraswati library

5. Chilling at Fateh Sagar Lake-

What better way to end the day than spending an evening at Fateh Sagar lake. The lake looks stunning during the night and it attracts thousands of visitors during the day. If you are a coffee lover then you can spend the best time having coffee on the pal side and enjoy the cool breeze. The place is a lot of fun and crowded atmosphere makes you feel alive.

fatehsagar lake

This was our list of top five free things you can do in Udaipur. Do try it, trust me you won’t regret.

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