Why did we chose OYORooms as our Hospitality Partner?


Its always confusing when we have to plan stay for our guests coming to Udaipur, A Hotel that comes with the Best of Facilities but into our Budget. The plan during the peak tourist season always creates such a confusion where most of the Hotel’s turn costly and doesn’t facilitate our guests due to rush.

This time the moment was when we were organizing a Photography Workshop by Pranshu Dubey (NID Graduate and Founder of PixelDo.com) we were looking for a Best of Stay in City within our Budget and Ease to Reach.

The main requirements for us planning a stay for him were:

  1. Location: The major need as in this peak tourist season there is heavy rush of tourists and road jams, so we required a place close to Main City yet with less rush.
  2. Ease of Booking: There are hundreds of hotels in Udaipur but going to any hotel and booking is so much consumption of time. We required a way to book our guest’s hotel online alongwith knowing how does the room and hotel looks like.
  3. Facilities available:  Since Pranshu was traveling and also had a lot of work to be carried out we required a good hotel with Good WiFi for him to be connected to his business. A Clean Room + Good WiFi + Best of Facilities (That was the perfect combo we were seeking).
  4. Pricing: Since Pranshu’s trip was a 7 day trip that included taking workshop and capturing the beauty of Udaipur, So for such a tenure it was a need to find a suitable option with the above listed requirements with the best of budget.

Udaipur 2

Udaipur 3

Luckily we had been constantly observing this new brand in Udaipur OYO Rooms was seen everywhere, We thought to give it a look, We browsed online about OYO Rooms in Udaipur and all the things which were mentioned above were actually available and to add to it they had a multitude of Hotels in their List. We browsed their hotels to match our list, saw their Pictures; noted the Location & with the ease we booked our Hotel through OYO Rooms.

Udaipur 1

The experience with OYO Rooms turned out to be great, we actually received what was mentioned. 🙂

UdaipurBlog loves to recommend you OYO Rooms for your Comfort + Easy + Fun Stay in Udaipur. !!

Find their Hotels in Udaipur By Clicking Here


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